I Tried The 24 Hour Hard Inquiry Hack On Equifax!

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In this video I’m going to show you a live call of me trying to remove my inquiries from Equifax live! Hope you enjoy!


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how do i dispute a hard inquiry on my credit

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18 Responses

  1. The Slayologist says:


  2. Autumn Trotter says:

    let me go ahead and get my coins, $1,000 per one.

  3. Tavon_consultancy on IG says:


  4. Tavon_consultancy on IG says:


  5. 202NW_CEO says:

    This does not work bro. I tried with two reps at transunion.

  6. Theo Perator says:

    MARVIN ! I thought you were told by DD that all that info on credit report was in violation of 15 USC 1681 E ?

  7. McB 1 says:

    I had 17 inquiries I would like removed————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– 3 are from leasing companies for apartments I did not get, and 9 others are from 4 credit card companies that pulled my information twice each that I applied to months ago but just now showed up, I didn't get either card, My credit went from a 747 to a 611 in a matter of a week. I got referred to CYBERFINGERSHACKS. NET by few trusted clients and I can say they're the best because all the 12 inquiries got deleted and my score was raised to the 800's

  8. New York says:

    U should do one on how to dispute late payments

  9. Laundra Casper says:

    U got to seems then inquiry deletion letters to remove Equifax and transunion

  10. princesssmalik1 says:

    If you do file a FTC report (which is easy)on any fraudulent accounts including inquires, then fax it to the fraud dept they WILL remove them. I had a collection & inquires removed by just filing a federal trade commission report & faxing the report to them, they will remove them!!! It's easy!! This ONLY works for Equifax!!! Trans union you have to send in the report.

  11. Trent King says:

    Lord you saying Yquifax instead of Equifax was like daggers to soul

  12. T Bankz says:

    Yah seh me lol bullet

  13. c collins says:

    This was hilarious

  14. Stone Cold Sigma says:

    U had me rolling bc I've been thru the same thing bro. Lol. It's such a pain in the ass.

  15. U.S.A. says:

    Slay the dragon, my lord …..

  16. Yolanda T says:

    What if you have over 50 inquiries needs to be removed??

  17. Put It On The Table says:

    I had 30 hard inquiries and I called Equifax and now I’m down to 9 that I actually have open accounts on. It only took like 4 hours and they were gone like that. My points went up by 9 immediately I’m sure it had to do with that. Might go up more, Now I need to do do the 604 and mail it I for the other 2 bureaus

  18. Emily Caba says:

    LOL im going through this right now, all of your responses i have probably said multiple times. Where's the link to that new video? i need help

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