I-Team: Wife dismembered dead husband, lived off his Social Security benefits for years, prosecutors

I-Team: Wife dismembered dead husband, lived off his Social Security benefits for years, prosecutors say


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20 Responses

  1. selketskiss56 says:

    Can not find a picture of this woman any where…I wonder why!

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Out on bond…… WHAT?

  3. Sandi B says:

    Wow n she is out on bond SMH

  4. Tonya Richards says:

    I don’t need to hear her side.
    Lock her up now.

  5. Jon MacDonald says:

    She moved to Vegas!

    You go Girl!

  6. Yeerrr says:

    Savage thug

  7. JC says:

    "black widow"…she's probably been at the casinos, when open, for last 4 years. Seen at slots with cigarette in mouth, oxygen tank by her side.

  8. KD9 says:

    Meh, IF he died of natural causes I don't have a huge problem with this considering the endless and bottomless welfare checks this country hands out anyway.

  9. Bubz 1 says:

    Truly demented people.

  10. Dan Kirchner says:

    she dissed his post mortem member ? now THATS kinky

  11. Artur Turk says:

    So she said her husband just died while she remained silent , dismembered his body , disposed in the trash , and lived off SS … that's Amore'

  12. Radio Head 79 says:

    She married him for his money….he was nothing to her.

  13. Paul Kudla says:

    Love never dies?

  14. sparky Tuttle says:

    Oddly she claims the last 4 years have been the best years of her marriage .

  15. Gemeric says:

    If you are a rich husband with a big life insurance policy better sleep with one eye open

  16. Gemeric says:

    Sounds about normal on forensic files thr day of the wedding was planning the husbands murder which she did shortly also another wife killed husband tried to stuff him down sewage drain did not fit she set him on fire. Just another day⁰]ppp1p

  17. C H says:

    Humans do the damndest things

  18. Harry Gasser says:

    She killed her husband and threw his body in the trash. Then the Sanitation Dept. transported his body to the city dumb for a proper burial.

  19. Israel Santiago says:

    She definitely killed him.

  20. introverts Rock says:

    reminds me of an episode of CSI: Las Vegas
    except husband's bones were found by a dog in the desert
    think it ended with her having to repay the SS and not dismembering ?

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