I Haven't Filed Taxes In 5 Years!

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40 Responses

  1. Definitely Uh Rerun says:

    Live your life caller, Gamble or fo whatever you want to do but LIVE YOUR LIFE it’s short and your a single male living in crazy times!!
    61 yrs young!! Get it brother Ramsey’s only stating facts read in his LIFE MANUAL that GAMBLING is second biggest addiction?
    Shut up, that’s foolish because drug addiction and social media addiction is first and second. I mean look at you
    Ram Ram your more addicted than my brother who Is single and plays slots with his money.
    Get laid, drink margaritas, and PLAY YOUR SLOTS BROTHER, everyone who disagrees are jealous and going give you bad info laying next to their overweight wives whom are thinking bout YOU OR YOUR BROTHERS WHOM ARE IN YOUR POSITION!
    Also, it’s 21’ and still in a pandemic though our govt officials like to make out we’re good while bribing us to vaccinate so if you haven’t nailed down a wife and kids you missed your shot, DONT START THIS LATE AND CRAZY IN LIFE!!!!!!

  2. Calvin Spiff says:

    Taxation is theft

  3. Travis G says:

    Talk about the truth in regards to funded bums – homeless who steal identities to get free ssi disability checks, there are funded bums out there who make 30-50k off other people's disability rights. Then there are illegal aliens or those who don't make a lot of money or don't live at a fixed address, they can dodge taxes. It's the truth, you are only free as a bum.

  4. Heather Mc says:

    well done Dave. Compassion and wise advice.

  5. Good Best says:

    like I should do something to stop the flow of time.KELLYYTOOLZSZ on IG It’s just a wonderful experience. Thanks for your time,

  6. Good Best says:

    like I should do something to stop the flow of time.KELLYYTOOLZSZ on IG It’s just a wonderful experience. Thanks for your time,

  7. Your name here says:

    Dave is mean

  8. Master of Puppets says:

    I haven't filed taxes in 300 years

  9. just thisguy says:

    Haven’t filed since 07 beat that

  10. Markus Ionescu says:

    Bruh I wish taxes were abolished

  11. Andrey Brenes says:

    After this video i finally deleted my bet365 account

  12. MrBigtime1986 says:

    95k a year pension ? must be nice

  13. Tirthankar Ghosh says:

    Libertarian Moment!!

  14. Devin J.W. says:

    I hear you're already embarrassed and I'm not going to take advantage of that. I'm here to help you.

  15. Keith Grow says:

    I have a hard time believing most of thease people that call in.

  16. Tree City Nursery says:

    This is so sad

  17. J B says:

    I forgot to add capital gains earnings on my taxes in 2014, IRS sent me a letter in 2016 knowing I owed it. Not sure how people get away with not filing.

  18. stable genius says:

    hope the best for that guy

  19. Takara Hayashi says:

    wait… 56? that makes him 60 this year…. why does he look older than my parents who are almost 70? lol…

  20. Maya Taylor says:

    Budy needs a nice wife to help him out .

  21. The Privateryan5671 says:

    The IRS would like to know your location

  22. Grapes For All says:

    Caller: Hi Dave I am a used-car salesman and I am in debt.
    Dave: sell the car!
    Caller: Yes Dave, this is what i am trying to do

  23. no further west says:

    "There's not even anything sexy about slots" …. that just sounds a bit punny

  24. Orbo And Friends says:

    Taxation is Robbery

  25. Jacob Thomas says:

    *prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing addiction.

  26. Symlex Brn says:


  27. Ryan West says:

    Caller: “I don’t even know who you are.”
    IRS: “You will.”

  28. Piyush S says:

    Did he just admit to a felony on live TV?

  29. Robert Campbell says:

    Ne needs a good tax lawyer.

  30. Alice Holbert says:

    Pay off taxes. Simple. Jail or pay debt. Hmmmmmm. Dahhhhh

  31. Hau Raw says:

    Income is for corporations under black laws dictionary…. Wage compensation is for flesh and blood individuals and is not taxable

  32. Hau Raw says:

    Absolutely no law that requires the average person to pay a tax on their wage compensation.

  33. Tech MD Youtube says:

    Try to find a celebrate recovery in your area if you’re struggling with addiction. It’s been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  34. jturner7771 says:

    Can't gambling losses be deducted from gambling winnings? And wouldn't the casino already deduct taxes on an amount that high?

  35. emacs john says:

    He's a convert.

  36. Emma Soles says:

    I watched this to feel better about my finances, but now I’m just terribly sorry for this man. I really hope he’s gotten treatment and was able to find good legal help. IRS tax laws shouldn’t be to go after people struggling though an addiction. I really hope he found some friends. Wishing him much luck

  37. okallup says:

    Dave is 56? What? He looks about 76 here.

  38. Bennett O'Brien says:

    Dave, you are doing the lord's work, keep it up!

  39. 24revealer says:

    I haven't filed taxes since 2007.

  40. Danny Gg says:

    I hope that guy is okay

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