I Can't Make Girls… Your Daughter Isn't Mine! 👧 The Maury Show Full Episode

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Mickiela and Ardis both claim that Donavan fathered their kids. Then, Alicia says that her ex Tommy fathered her son, but he’s here with his girlfriend Brandi to prove her wrong! Will Maury say “You ARE” the father?

Talk show host Maury Povich invites and questions guests with sensitive and provocative issues.

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how do i get something off my credit report that is not mine

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30 Responses

  1. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    That boy needs to act responsible. Cover up his private parts. A lack of children suffering because of poor parenting

  2. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    Bulls he does it because he was humiliated on stage.

  3. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    Girls get that education and don't have kids until you guys are responsible enough to take care of these innocent children

  4. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    I am not judgemental but these girls caused embarrassment on themselves

  5. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    That mother should be ashamed of herself

  6. Verlex Fashion and Jewellery says:

    Mothers need to teach their children about their bodies, and self- respect.

  7. Vermont Mom says:

    32:00 – wow, what a women. She know that girl and baby need someone good in their life… It is not her grand child, but, he does need love!!! That women just warmed my heart. I hope this girl does not lie and hurt her again.

  8. br4tsp1tp1t says:

    U don’t talk about baby

  9. Markus Manfred says:

    How the fuck are 16 year olds already sleeping around? Watch ya damn kids. Also that mother is a damn strong woman.

  10. AvK says:

    Omg Gabby 16 and 2 kids ? Where are the parents ? She better go to school instead acting like a little …..

  11. leah hugie says:

    if she would've said "i'm having a boy" , he would've said the doctor said he can't make boys.

  12. leah hugie says:

    2nd story: This bitter woman WILL harm that woman's lady. She's spiteful.

  13. Jonathon Woodgate says:

    It’s biologically impossible for men to pass on ONLY a Y chromosome. This whole “I can’t make girls” shit Is complete and utter bull. Any dr who says otherwise ain’t worth the paper his liscence is printed on…

  14. Kristian Bertram says:

    I hope the children have more brain then the parents.

  15. Pamela Jacobs says:

    If Grandma got some d and a life she wouldn't be upset about that damn baby

  16. Pamela Jacobs says:

    Ignorance is Bliss TRACY

  17. Ingrid Arvidsson says:

    What is wrong with you girls? You all have to choose a better man and fathers.

  18. Oloveak Love says:

    If a man tells you he cant make girls as an excuse to not want to step up and take responsibility please sit back and realize you allowed an idiot to ejaculate inside of you #EMBARRASING

  19. Sonia Rican says:

    The lady that said her granddaughter smells and is Funny looking has serious issues , that Baby is Beautiful !!

  20. ChrisAndCats says:

    30:51 flipping heck. Get a grip.

  21. jehan ;p says:

    no damn doctor told him that

  22. Umberto Ongaban says:

    Why, oh why. You could have been honest to me.
    Ooh why, why. Come woman, please shut up.
    It's not about you, it's about her who is looking of father of her child. Had you listened to your son, who said to you that it's not his baby. No, you would not listen, you wanted to have a grandchild. He is not the father.

  23. Theresa Hunter says:

    I just wanna know how can. Doc tell u u can't have girls how do they know that? Lmao

  24. Alyssa Harrell says:

    The real baby mama looks better

  25. Cola Chelsey says:

    Tommy’s gf didn’t even want to kiss him. She was so embarrassed

  26. Cola Chelsey says:

    These young girls be out here looking like anything on tv

  27. E H-I says:

    Brandi and Alicia look like sisters.

  28. E H-I says:

    Imagine children,living with these hideous,screeching harpies.It has to be a form of abuse.Those poor little ears,and shattered nerves.

  29. Roni johnson says:

    One looks like a rooster with that ugly red weave in her hair! How are they buying things for a man with 4 one year old babies and none of them work!

  30. Shameia Kay says:

    Cody is one the best men on the planet a lot of respect for him

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