"I am literally the greatest EU4 player ever"

Shitpost status – EU4 edition part 2
Credit for the copypasta goes to Stiopa on my discord
I just did the voiceover
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31 Responses

  1. King Of Florida says:

    We just witnessed a new chaos god be born.

  2. Byjove says:

    Remember this, people.
    To do everything he just mentioned, he only uses 1% of his real power.

  3. DT770 says:

    Plays from a Surface Pro while levitating

  4. O Gaúcho says:

    The least sigma player of eu4

  5. The Áeør Empire of Tep_Soup says:

    Cool. Polish person with superpowers and the power of EU4.

  6. Baron says:

    I too live in Poland as of time of writing, and just because I live in the same nation as this man, I am a better player just because of that.

  7. Лимонный says:

    let me be clear: he has no job

  8. Deustche Bag says:

    Being the best player on a Map Game sounds so Sad to me

  9. Sassy Soviet says:

    Stiopa is the biggest joke in the Missions Expanded team

  10. Lycanaes says:

    He's an e-winged hussar. Being Polish is a cheat bro.

  11. Cringe Master says:


  12. MakisKan[YT] says:

    Jfc i know this is fake but holy shit it made me cringe

  13. Nordic Tysk says:

    No wonder Germany invaded Poland. Shut the virgin up

  14. Buğra Bayram says:

    So he, basically, is good. Still not better than me tho

  15. Marcus Willbrandt says:

    Haha good joke. But everyone knows that I am the greatest EU4 player. I don't want to brag too much but about a year ago I NEARLY understood how trade works. Please clap

  16. Jan James Callejo says:

    1:14 is that Zlewwik?

  17. DatBoi TheGudBIAS says:


  18. wgwS says:

    i never seen a woman

  19. Abdelrahman Badawey 201-801-899 says:

    every new eu4 player joining a server it just lacks an educational essay about how someone wasted 5 manna points by not developing the right province with cost-benefit analysis attached and ofc how he one time won an Impossible war and some more praise of his greatness

  20. kuih kan says:

    Flex 999

  21. Officially Undead says:

    Polish detected existence rejected

  22. Liam O'Connell says:

    Sounds like Reddit and the facebook group in a nutshell

  23. Shan Chowdhury says:

    Me, a noob playing eu4: ah yes, a fellow skilled player. I’m skilled in the art of stackwiping…..

    The Art of Being Stackwiped

  24. green of tree black of blue says:

    He's right we should allow ming in multiply-player games

  25. Hafee says:

    All that should begin with good old "What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? "

  26. Megadwarf 47 says:


  27. Zygmunt Zen says:

    If Trump played EU4… actually nevermind. He is too stupid to understand game.

  28. Доктор Ватсон says:

    Добро пожаловать на сервер шизофрения…

  29. Shedrick Bridgeforth says:

    That was a nice collection of trash talking, lol

  30. Envy Crusader says:

    the most humble eu4 player

  31. Quarbit Gaming says:

    This is a shitpost. Don't take it seriously.

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