I "accidentally" downloaded illegal cursed anime then this happened..

Have you ever heard of this awesome Anime called Hayami-chan? They tell me its cursed and not to watch it but i think they are just jealous

Play hayami chan 3 –

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41 Responses

  1. Roser Bleach says:

    At 3:45 I see what u did there

  2. Sleepy Curtis says:


  3. Ana C says:

    North-american culture is just weird. In most countries, it's perfectly normal to live with your parents until you get married. But for north-americans, sounds like a nightmare. I feel sorry for u guys hahahah

  4. Py0n Py0n Mosh1 Mosh1 says:

    his voice crack lol

  5. Lissa Willow says:

    Pink is sus

  6. ---» Aiko «--- says:

    ah yes good fnaf waifu gameplay

  7. I turned my moms acc into a channel says:

    Bijuu mike: this isn't a horror game i wanna meet hayami chan

    Me: i would risk too because of my SIMPness

  8. Hikizujin says:

    Me too, I wanna be scrub of the day Bijuu mike!

  9. Doki Works says:

    "You know an anime is good when you have dreams about it"
    "I never dreamt about anime"
    Someone give our weeb friend good anime

  10. Connor Usher says:

    If I get scrub of the day I will get Merch

  11. InfinityTDC says:

    Who else comparing the ending to ddlc

  12. Robert D'Amico says:

    Looks like you downloaded Dashie’s video title too…

  13. Hanako Is Sleepy says:

    hayami-chan's hair looks like a dragonfruit

  14. Hanako Is Sleepy says:

    did anybody else notice he was using messenger?

  15. firsieUwU says:

    2:03 i have the tunnel carpet

  16. Bean Sprout says:

    "Stay up to late…*looks away* STAY UP TOO LATE" Me : wha-

  17. Vocaloiding Viva says:

    The title of this video Sounds like a anime title

  18. Nicole Hernandez says:

    Game: hyamichan 3
    Description: FNAF

  19. SRP says:

    WOW, didn't know this was Five Nights at Freddy's.

    If you don't get the joke look at the top, He's playing hayami-chan3 and youtube says its fnaf.

  20. Aihsknao says:

    When the game is about anime and Youtube just puts it as Five Nights At Freddy's

  21. shiranui kurosaki says:

    Heres a question..why does it say FNAF when It's not XD

  22. Splatbr. Ella says:

    They did a decent job with the Vroid modeling

  23. Emu._.uhm-yes says:

    Yes this always happens when you watch anime


  24. ❀Kᴀɴᴀᴏ Tsᴜʏᴜʀɪ❀ says:

    that girl with pink hair was THE IMPOSTER

  25. Lil' RainbowCat says:

    Me: *Sees someone asking to be scrub of the day*
    *Anime gasps*
    "CaN i Be ScRuB oF tHe DaY tOo?"

    Narrator: and that was why she became the best hero ever…

  26. Nathan Groot says:

    Sorry I got u and Scott mixed up for a second

  27. Nathan Groot says:

    Lol. Do u like anime now

  28. Dan The swag man says:

    This is funny watching cause I’ve been living alone with my sister since I was 11, and she’s barely home lmao

  29. ManyAshes says:

    Title: I "accidentally" downloaded illegal cursed anime and then this happened..

    YouTube: you know FNAF is like anime

  30. santana Larocque says:

    So to become a Scrub u need to say WOWW jk idk

  31. Gunshuteu-BS says:

    Last house i slept in i had nightmares it was about there this thing that looks like a demon would be a doll u would be home alone "sleeping" and if u scream this thing screams to but louder but it wakes u up from the nightmare and u could feel ur ears hurting

  32. -May- says:


    BUY NOW!

  33. ??? says:

    Doing ur mom

  34. Sir weird alot says:

    I could eat hayami-chan ~ Bijuu Mike 2021

  35. gabriell bonnet says:

    hmmmm what anime were you watching while waiting ? I suggest watch fire force if haven't already

  36. °•Cats_Only•° says:

    That pink hair girl is very over sus bc she wanna kill you plus she is an Drug lord also addict

  37. Arhan Lai says:

    We thought red is sus but pink is the imposter

  38. POGMANPRO says:

    You know the rules say goodbye say goodnight turn around and hurt you get rickroll

  39. Hana Eslam says:

    i want scrub of the day

  40. Yael Coren says:

    Day 288 of telling bijuu to play Sally Face

  41. Not A Boomer Tree says:

    "Ha! Okay, that part was definitely funny!"

    ". . .yea. . . Love that part-"

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