‘Hurting beyond belief.’ Suspect still at-large in fatal north Charlotte hit-and-run

Barry Cunningham’s family is desperately asking for answers about who killed him. In the meantime, they don’t believe it was on purpose.

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3 Responses

  1. Dale Trayner says:

    The expectations are almost laughable. There are basically two types of people in this world. Type 1 has job, pays their bills, does the right thing and majority are in bed asleep by midnight unless thy work late shifts. Type 2 doesn't have a job, is out and about at 3 a.m., doesn't have any bills as everyone else provides for him. Has a family that expects a driver out at 3 a.m. that hit someone to step up and do the right thing. Again, the people doing the right thing are home in bed resting for work. These peeps out carousing at 3 a.m. don't have morals for the family to be able to make them feel guilty and come forward. This culture lives by snitches get stitches….until it's one of theirs. Laughable to see a family get up and proclaim their pleas

  2. RastaBeliever says:


  3. Kay Medlin says:

    Praying who ever done this turns there self in. Praying for family

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