Hunters for Climate Change & Whitewashing History: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

Former National Fish and Wildlife Federation employee Bill Geer has made it his mission to educate hunting clubs about climate change–and its impact on game species and public lands.

Marble helped scholars whitewash ancient history.

And, another gross R. Kelly scandal.

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41 Responses

  1. BLUEGENE13 says:

    roman were darker white people, this is news? They were Italian farmers out in the sun all day, what would you expect

  2. Biobele says:

    The idea was let's pour white paint on every statue we can find when they got to Egypt they ran out of white paint and the sculptures were much larger

  3. Lor Da says:


  4. T S says:

    Does anyone else feel like Vice is taking a more liberal standpoint than they used to? I know they always leaned a little left but some of their stories and the way their reporters are phrasing their questions is starting to get a little annoying.

  5. susuku su says:

    Ironically, in Europe, calling people from southern Europe non white just because they are tanned it is considered a very racist thing.

  6. xanithkl says:

    From many comments bellow are about whitewashing topic… but many of them can't differentiate between opinions of a scholar or from Vice?

  7. Samantha Kwait says:

    I'm so amazed that technology is that advanced that we can figure out the colors of this ancient art

  8. 1945Ace1 says:

    most Marble in itself is naturally white, carving it and making statues was an form of art and style back then, which show case the work and brought it to light on an epic scale, as well to go along with other furnishing and buildings. I don't think the Idea was to bring the work in the form of "actual" reality, but represent the pinnacle point of time of the culture, to ordinary people nude or partially clothed, to the Heavens and the Sky onto all those believed to dwell beyond humanity, or simply to sculpt it for cosmetic purposes. Just Like in the video, ancient people had no problems depicting other people of color in paintings, it was just an matter of certain art styles and how they were executed. Color in itself was used in smaller quantities and was more of an luxury, rather than just using something in it's natural tone.

  9. David Itap says:


  10. MyDefendor Q says:

    There are no such things as "fixed races" instead there are just genetic similarities that either a single group or multiple groups share. So stop being so attached to your stupid skin colour.

  11. TheStarsDon'tDance says:

    LOL white people who are bitching and are NOT listening to what she is saying,are making a big deal about over nothing. All she's saying is,not everyone in rome or Greece were lily white or white and that different skin tones as well as other races and biracial people existed and were in power as well.It's true when it's said that American studies has made all of these people blonde hair and blue eyed.Vice,do me a favor and keep up the good work on educating the racist masses

  12. Subzero says:

    Beautiful trees, beautiful rivers, clean air. Who ever you are wouldn't you do anything to protect it? What you will get with global warming is floods when it rains and no water in the river because the glaciers have melted. Glaciers are natures dams. Higher temperatures will cause them to melt.

  13. Dys Utopian says:

    Damn, white folks can't take a joke lol

  14. Roadfart says:

    So, are coloring books also racist because the outlines of people—meant to be colored in by the purchaser of the book—are not colored in before being sold to the consumer? Should we start selling coloring books printed on black paper?

  15. AgogDisneyGal says:

    The fact that this video has so much negative feedback proves how much white people don't want to be educated on any history that deviates what they've racially projected onto the past.

  16. Trash Panda says:

    I was so distracted by the chef top afro during the R. Kelly story.

  17. Human Being says:

    Breaking News Alert, Italians are racist for allowing the paint to wear off of their statues.

    Please spread the news of their intentional hatred and white nationalism!

  18. Iroh says:

    문재인 (Moon Jae-in): phonetically 'Moon jehy-een'

  19. PhilJr says:

    Hunter here. 100% believe in climate change. Keep up the good work Bill

  20. WeaponOfMyDestructio says:

    I wanna say good on Bill.

  21. knessi ng says:

    at 13:40, yeah no offense, but i can't take this guy (dexter) seriously if anything is coming out of this dudes mouth. May if his hair was 6 or 7 more inches higher, then i'll take him seriously (sarcasm). hmm 555 dislike, i know atleast 3 thumbs down is because of this dude.

  22. Red-Blooded America says:

    Jesus, ViceNews is such a shill for the Democratic Party. They're not even trying to act impartial anymore. Obamacare is an abject failure of market manipulation by design. It was always meant to fail in order to usher in single payer.

  23. YouNeverGo FullLibtard says:

    I miss the Vice News Daily videos. They were my wake up ritual with a cup of coffee and a Newport

  24. flare 156 says:

    considering the fact that the roman empire had pretty much a quarter of the worlds population and an empire that had control over the entire mediterranean which consisted of north Africa, Europe, and the middle east no shit they were multi ethnic. they killed Julius ceasar, then killed jesus, eventually converted to Christianity split in two with byzantine being the eastern roman empire taken over by the ottomans due to a plague and an open door

  25. Christopher Eklund says:

    I can't stand all these new leftist reporters/hosts of VICE….


    But yeah, it's gone way to far…. Vice seems to look upto CNN. Only portray one side of the coin, never say something good about Trump or any truths about "refugees" to Europe.

  26. john smith says:

    The statue paint decayed over time & its racist, wow. They don't want to paint them the same reason u can't take pictures of paintings and coffins, THEY AGE! & everyone knows that most romans and there occupants WERE NOT WHITE, dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  27. Noah Embry says:

    See its like the 'View'………but not about dumb shit, maybe id watch that

  28. GhostLaughingMan says:

    What fucking happened to you vice ?

  29. Ali A. says:

    The girls at 11:52 looks like a female version of Haley Joel Osment

  30. Puppet Master says:

    a far more interesting story would be, who is paying people to make white statues no longer white ? Humans will dedicate them self to absolute non sense and ignore solving real problems like 1. Who gives a shit ?

  31. Komyob Komyob says:

    why is there so many dislikes?

  32. thedavid00100 says:

    Lmfao white supremacists are sensitive asf

  33. PheeneZ says:

    Hol up Hol Up you be tellin me dat we be Greek Statues and Shiet??????????????

  34. Alexander Supertramp says:

    guitars rakes and cowboy hats. (should have been the title lol) made in a america

  35. Fooper899 says:

    Why do marble have to be white?
    just saying

  36. Rohit Joshi says:

    wrong title to the video

  37. Josh Willard says:

    I love trump but I wish we could just go to universal healthcare already, it will happen no matter what

  38. xiaoming berserker says:

    I'm a caucasian but i'm red, can i say that i'm a red skin and that my ancestors have invented the tipi ?

  39. 3DSgeek says:

    people didn't remove the paint from these statues, they deteriorated over time and we haven't repainted them because you'd be defacing history. just make your images or replicas to accompany the original with what people believe was the original paint colour, but do not feed me some bulls**t that this was some elaborate ploy of "white people" to whitewash history.

    Vice, be part of the solution not a part of the problem. this kind of mentality will eventually lead to historical artefacts being destroyed, we have lost too much from our past already. Don't keep blaming "white" people for everything, every "race" on the planet has rewritten history and taken part in slavery etc. it's getting old and your enforcing some really moronic ideas.

  40. matyas72 says:

    Stop normalizing white marble!

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