Hugh Hefner’s cause of death revealed

Hugh Hefner died at 91 last week.

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22 Responses

  1. lynskyrd says:

    the life was sucked out of him.

  2. Rainbowlemur AJ says:

    Good riddance

  3. ProdavackaDivu says:

    9/29: LAPD Insider Source Says 'Pedophile' Hugh Hefner Was Murdered

    Police have reportedly launched a murder inquiry into the death of Hugh Hefner, with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Playboy founder was silenced before he could name Hollywood elite pedophiles as part of a plea deal.

    Hugh Hefner was found dead in suspicious circumstances on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, just days before he was set to be arrested on child sex charges, according to a Los Angeles police source.

    Hefner had been dealing with police on a daily basis for the past three weeks, trying to work out a plea deal, after an investigation, launched in 2009 after a lawsuit was filed against Hefner, suddenly “went hot.”

    “The 2009 case went nowhere. We just couldn’t prove anything. There was plenty of circumstantial evidence, but ultimately it just boiled down to her word versus his,” the LAPD source says.

    The 2009 case was launched by Sheri Allred, a Los Angeles native, who alleged that Hugh Hefner raped her when she was 5 years old.

    But in August this year, the case was re-opened after “a significant number of similar complaints were filed.

    "After questioning Mr Hefner we understood that he had mountains of incriminating personal information about a powerful group of Hollywood pedophiles.

    “We are talking about dead girls on altars, women being caged and tortured for years, Hollywood execs filming each other performing the vilest acts for blackmail, as the most evil acts are always done on the most innocent.“

  4. Bitchin Bob says:

    Hugh was a Boss. Lived how he wanted, died a happy old guy. Good for you, bye !

  5. Nigga Fish says:

    He was old as could be. That's how he died

  6. Heru- deshet says:

    His e.coli septicemia was caused by reaming dirty ass holes and cardiac arrest from a Viagra overdose. Fuck the old dirty pervert.

  7. beerborn says:

    Hugh Hefner's grave will be right above Marylin Monroe's grave at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA. Even in death he ends up being on top of a blonde woman. Now that's a well planned sex life.

  8. pat smith says:

    If his magazine had guts they would have his autopsy photo as the centerfold. I wonder if Pill Cosby will go to the FUNeral for his fucking friend.

  9. aibastu says:

    H I V M Y F R I E N D S

  10. fuck your feelings! ! says:

    Before I even watch I already know… Some bad ass pussy and Viagra!!!!

  11. ARTHUR D DUDA says:

    so how much is Crystal Harris worth now, .. hey baby I hear your single now let's hook up !!

  12. ARTHUR D DUDA says:

    He was a very old fucker, reason for death solved !!

  13. the bank shlankshlank says:

    I heard he caught a rare condition called "old as shit syndrome" lol dying of old age is normal folks deal with it he lived a better life than majority of any man alive good on him

  14. Fox250R says:

    Cause of death? He was 90

  15. 100MPH Selfies says:

    Bitch's Rich!

  16. DAT TAPE says:

    he died from being a sexist pig?

  17. HurricaneSZN says:

    I can save you the vid and tell you it was a mix of syphilis, herpes, genital shot in the dick syndrome, and a slight overdose on medication.
    May he rest in peace

  18. Monkof Magnesia says:

    Based on your default photo, I was expecting the report to say he needed spinach.

  19. cmdfarsight says:

    He was just an old perv making money from blokes wanking off

  20. andrewszombie says:

    Cardiac arrest? So like The way Michael Jackson passed away???

  21. Allen Smith says:

    I heard he OD'd on Viagra…

  22. Open Your eyes says:

    Hugh Hefner viciously disrespected Marilyn Monroe and now she has to endure him next to her for eternity wow talk about disrespecting other people's existence

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