How-where to buy houses under $10k, with Larry Goins

Meet my friend and real estate super Guru, Larry Goins. He’s going to teach us how he buys houses for under $10k, then turns around and sells them for 3X the profit with: No cash, No repairs, No tenants, and no Banks. Join us at 7pm EST to find out how!
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Larry is about to reveal an Incredibly profitable strategy that’s easier than wholesaling (or so he says)… He’ll show you multiple ways to find cheap homes for less than $10k, and quickly flip them
for $20K-$30K profit! These are not “blower uppers”, these are “fixer upper” type properties, and
they are everywhere. He’ll show you the websites where you can find them…


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9 Responses

  1. Mike Carey says:

    I live in Cleveland wish I had that deal

  2. R Mitchell says:

    Great info, this is real school right here

  3. Icey Red says:

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  4. Icey Red says:

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  5. HVAM says:

    Great video so far guys! I'm not completely through the entire video yet. So this may come up later, if so, I will delete this comment. If not, here it is. – The only issue I have with the Seller Finance Method So far is the Tax Risk. My question, if anyone wants to chime in is…. How to mitigate Tax Default Risk? If the owner of the property stops paying taxes and a lien and or Deed is sold and that property ends up at a Tax Default Auction the Note or Mortgage that you own would be wiped out in the Auction. My guess to mitigate this is to require some form of Tax Insurance if there is even such a thing. Let me know if you guys think….

  6. Ronell Mitchell says:

    Larry is a great motivator , a true teacher
    This is the best kris haskins video ever, Larry you got to love him , thank you KRIS & LARRY LOVE YOU BROTHERS

  7. Slobodan Svirosovich says:

    This is incredible, Kris!!!

  8. Michael Godwin says:

    Whooo thats a ton of info. Gotta watch this one again! RMLO huh

  9. The Journey Has Just Begun says:

    Idk something dont sit right here

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