How WandaVision Should Have Ended

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40 Responses

  1. Balabhadra Das Wilton says:

    Hare Krishna!

  2. Kumquat the Rainwing says:

    Wait what if she just made tiny hexes around vision and her boys that acted like suites to keep them alive that just encompasses they’re bodies and didn’t go around anyone else? That would keep them alive without really changing anything right?

  3. ALIEN VEGGIES says:

    4:50 you can’t tell me that that’s not dr strange form episode 4 in what if. Souls?cape?hair? I have my mind set

  4. Kris Playz says:


  5. Kris Playz says:


  6. Punishment for Amber Heart says:

    Eric: I've heard about that thing u did with the guns.
    Wanda: what?
    Me: what?
    Eric: that's my girl.
    Me: Ikr? But what's with the gu…(Remembers ep 5)… OHHHHHH YEAAAH, that's Eric's favorite power

  7. Gino says:

    He looks like Mel Gibson

  8. Amirul Aiman Mohammad Zamari says:

    Wanda: "i dont need you to tell me who i am!"

    Me: "say it! say it!!"

    Wanda: "Because im batman!"

    Me: "yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

  9. Sherri Sheffield says:


  10. Ymmanuel Ngoインマヌエルンゴ says:

    3:32 wonderful?
    More like WANDAful!
    Get it?

    Ok I am out.

  11. Star Mountain Gaming says:

    Yeah hold up, there WILL be Vision again in the MCU because fake Vision implanted his memories into White Vision. So maybe it will be how it ended, but later…

  12. Elf Mage Brendan says:

    I just realised with the multiverse every marvel hishe is just another timeline

  13. Lola_Vision says:

    Agatha all along yeeeeeeeah

  14. EduCute says:

    Wanda is telepathic , Vision is Vision so WandaVision is Television

  15. Pusheen Gamer says:

    Agatha: And I killed Sparky too!
    Literally every single soul on planet earth: SHE DID WHAT

  16. Sammy Droubi says:

    Great job hishe! I think you also should’ve added Wanda looking back at her child hood, and replacing her dad with magneto.

  17. Connor MacArthur says:

    When she said because I’m Batman
    Batman shoulda knocked her out and said no you are not Batman

  18. Emmanuel Perez says:

    The funny thing is the xmen cross over is gonna happen

  19. Juice999Thando says:


  20. Juice999Thando says:

    Where LOKI HISHE

  21. Juice999Thando says:


  22. Slawa Boga says:

    She enslaved thousands of innocent men, women, and children, to point where they asked for death if not released. …….I think this is not pointed out enough!

  23. Even says:

    John Wick hahahahaha

  24. Matt Eland says:


  25. Toggy says:

    This is hilarious

  26. Ninjacat says:

    At least they put mephisto in this hishe

  27. Lexi Brash says:

    Because I’m Batman really got me going

  28. the other ghost girl says:

    I heard about that thing you did with all the guns!

  29. Melissa's Cabin :) says:


  30. I'm not Mephisto says:

    I don't discriminate.
    I am willing to take anyone's soul.

  31. Golu Gaming says:

    Marvel what copied this

  32. Quetzal00358 says:

    Batman: "Hey…how you doin?"

    I lost it

  33. Frogboy Clips says:


  34. Yavuz Selim BUDAKLAR says:

    I like "because i am batman"

  35. Nun Minaj says:

    The "because I'm batman" had me dead

  36. Emmanuel says:

    Nice john wick part lol it was funny

  37. Ultimate Ninja says:

    Why didn't that white vision go back to Wanda?

  38. droutlaw2183 says:

    Woulda shat if Magneto came in like that

  39. How It Should Have Ended says:

    Download State of Survival for free here:

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