How to Write Your Dispute Letter to the Credit Bureaus | 5 Questions

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Today we’re going over the requirements your dispute letterto the credit bureaus needs to meet (in the main text) to get results with the credit bureaus, and I’m giving you the 5 questions you need to answer to do this. You can find the resources referenced in the video below, and if you would like to see if I can take over your file to get you RESULTS, head over to and I will see if I can help.

Dispute Letter Creator:
Anatomy of a Dispute Letter:
Live Letter:

We also cover some general info on factual disputes for the credit sweep method, as well as what the credit bureaus


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Video notes:
Today, We are going over something super, super important, so that you can remove anything on your credit report collections, foreclosure,
through possessions charge offs. You name it. If it’s on your
credit report, then this is one of the two things they need to
know and can answer to get your negative items removed. And so
were specifically going over, what goes in that very first
paragraph, the main body, the first paragraph, whatever it is
that you want to call it. So, we’re not specifically going
into dispute reasons today. I have tons of videos those on
We’re very, very, very, very specifically talking about
that. Very first paragraph. Okay, and I am recording my
screen. So there is a little bit of a lag right now, before you
write me off. And this video off. Let me explain to you why
this matters? Okay, your first paragraph, your letter has to
have very specific wording. So, if you are, putting in all this
extra stuff, then guess what they’re going to either deem
that it’s a template or the system is just going to
basically delete it from the database. I don’t know if that
really happens, but Basically, what I’m saying is that they are
not going to do what you need them to do. And so everything
that’s in your letter word for word needs to belong there.
Okay. So I’m going to give you the five questions that you need
to answer as well as a couple of other things, including the
links to the dispute letter Creator, which is this, that is
on the screen that anatomy of a dispute letter, which is this.
That is on your screen, the dispute flow and we are going to
talk about dispute reasons just a little bit, just for the
purpose of understanding. What goes into that first paragraph?
And I’m also going to show you the done-for-you version of live
letter? Now this is important because live letter includes
everything that you need to have a 100% are almost virtually 100%
automated ability to do factual basis. Because if you don’t know
how to create that, very first part of you to see litter or
even disappear reasons, it’s all included for you and you can
very simply go and click on your options and into clicks now with
version, 2.2 create a dispute letter in just a few seconds,
but let’s go back and look at it. Are questions that we need
to answer? Okay, so to create our dispute letter, we have to
answer these five questions. Why are you writing this letter?
What do you want the credit bureaus to do optionally? Why
does it matter? What outcome are you seeking and are their
previous issues to address? And I have a couple examples here.
Alright, so I found inaccuracies on my credit report that needs
to be fixed very straightforward. There’s no
pursuant to this pursuant to that. Blah blah, blah, Congress.
blah blah, you don’t need to put any of that stuff in there
because the key Moving your negative items is the actual
dispute reasons that are attached to the counts. Not that
first paragraph, but the first paragraph is very important
because it needs to be very specific. This is what I want
you to do in. This is why I’m writing a letter.

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