How to Write the Perfect Dispute Letter: Ditch the Templates!

Writing dispute letters shouldn’t be hard, but there’s definitely a formula to get the best results! What’s the secret, you ask? SIMPLICITY! Pretend you’re explaining this to a child.

(Error in video: Cushman v TransUnion 1997)

If you want to write a letter to the credit bureaus that works, if you want to remove charge-offs, repos, collections, bankruptcies, foreclsoures, tax liens, judgements, late payments and whatever else I missed in this list, then you need to get smart and write simply.

Problem with templates:
A computer will determine that your dispute is a template after it matches the letter one of the others in their database. Everything is automatically “verified” and now you’re back at square one. Seriously!

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Please watch: “1 in 3 Consumers Make This Mistake With Dispute Letters | Credit Sweep Tips”



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41 Responses

  1. Duane Johnson says:

    Do you help clueless individuals like me in making sure the letter's written properly?

  2. Jessica Leverman says:

    Do you help Canadians?

  3. stevie dickson says:

    If my account has been reaged, do simply just say i want it deleted because its been reaged?

  4. LaToria Stewart says:

    Very glad I found your channel

  5. james h says:

    What is the formatt please .

  6. Vnelsia Mays says:

    Can i use this when writing to a collection agency? i paid off a collection but want to get the negative item deleted completely

  7. Miguel Silva says:

    Thank you for the information! I have a question if i sumbmit a disput for the three bureau and equifax deleted 2 of my account but experian didn't. In my next dispute letter can I send the equifax report to proof them that those account did not belong to me and they need to delete them? Thank you

  8. Shantavia Marie says:

    This WORKS i used her format and got two items removed from Experian i waiting on everyone else … THANKS SO MUCH

  9. Tierney T says:

    Hi, do I have to send a dispute letter to creditor and then to the credit bureau? please let me know

  10. Catharina Shields says:

    * * * Very important!! * * * DO NOT SIGN any dispute letters to creditors, Junk-Debt-Buyers (debt collectors), or even any credit reporting agency! Your sig will develop this strange habit of 'floating' to applications that you've never signed!

  11. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at

  12. Travis Carey says:

    I don't get it ? Many say handwritten letter are better , than others say have it typed up ??

  13. Gail Marie says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for the past few months and I appreciate that you’re to the point, and don’t make promises! Thank you

  14. Love Stephens says:

    Can I get a copy of all three?

  15. Jardinería como hobbie says:

    Should I put my regular address or they will update and sent false statements? Can I sent divorce decree as husband used my name and domestic violence paper or does not matter just dispute is not mine accounts .

  16. Unlimited Cash For Homes LLC says:

    When you remove something off your credit can it come back depending on what it is

  17. Jasmine Marie says:

    Please help. Im on transunion I have a medical bill that's showing two different numbers but they're both on Transunion and they're putting the two balances together how should I write the reason and they're both saying to different collection agencies

  18. Dennis says:

    Where can I purchase this information for personal use? Thanks

  19. Richard Jones says:

    Only writing from when you said in time 204 thru 224
    How can they just verify it by getting a template? That doesn't verify anything just that you want to dispute stuff on your credit that's all that verifies so how can they do that? A template is made just to make it easier for someone ir to give people a baseline to go off of for people that dont know where to start so how can they just do that? If disputing by template & they mark it as verified just because it's a template how are they not breaking a law for not actually verifying ANYTHING & marking it down as verified just because you got help with a dispute letter? Makes no sense.

  20. Nicholas Gaspard says:

    great video!

  21. D’s Videos says:

    How do you state what account it is if the account number is blocked out with asterisks

  22. Aamirah Jeweler says:

    thank you

  23. Trecia Smith says:

    Ok sooo can You do this for me bc I just had a baby and im realizing the importance of credit. I am a score of 516 and i need help before January when Im on my own.

  24. HabeneroSoldier says:

    Great material! I know you keep it real and simple. But yes the but lol. You said not to notarize or certify mail it. Are you saying copies of the letters are proof enough if the bureaus are playing games and you have to escalate the matters to the cfpb and alike?

  25. YANBRISON says:

    I want to dispute 3 accounts with American Express. Should I write a separate validation letter for every account, or should I make the dispute for all the accounts in the same letter?

  26. Robert Silva says:

    I bought his templates they did work for me but after when I tried helping family they didn’t work I think it’s like you said they were overly used they caught on do you have like a course and everything you are speaking is true one of my cousins got a letter sent back saying there information was verified when it wasn’t they never sent any proof other than it stating verified and used all 4 rounds from 609 but now that you hit everything that actually happened I’m wondering if you had like a course.

  27. Robert Silva says:

    I wish I would have known you years ago

  28. Thomas says:

    Do I have the option to dispute again which I made a mistake calling them and dispute and it came back verified.
    It’s a medical collection
    What should I write in the letter if u can please help.

  29. Leena B says:

    Do I need to send a copy of my social security card and drivers license?

  30. KR says:

    I'd there any addresses you might have?

  31. Shawnise Davis says:

    Does it matter if the address that you're using on the dispute letter is different from the one on your drivers license/ID? PS. Loved the video!! ❤

  32. Doc Holliday says:

    Expert credit sweep thx for making this video!
    I have a derogatory mark from a medical place I never been to.
    Will the 609 letter help me remove this since I know they cannot provided proof?
    Will giving them all my info hurt me? Can I just give name and account number to them?

    Thx in advanced!

  33. rohan Child of GOD says:

    Can I get a copy of your letter?

  34. Linda Southern says:

    Do you have to include your Social Security number?

  35. Mr. Crane says:

    Moving forward every letter I write is unique. NO templates again. Thank you Kristin.

  36. Quiesha Denise says:

    With these we don’t add the account numbers?

  37. Gamez Albert says:

    Do you send the dispute letters to all 3 credit buerous or the collection agency?

  38. joseph dubois says:

    Would you recommend writing it in hand or typed in like a word document? I know that the bureaus computer would be faster if it’s typed rather than written by hand. And it may take longer than the 30 days required to defend the dispute right?

  39. Chris Jenkins says:

    So my question is do you need to send proof of what you send in such as Ex say $100 Equifax $200 Transunion $150 or just disputed it for inaccuracies and send

  40. jean billy says:

    Hi sexy

  41. HotOneRecordz says:

    Do you include all the issues on the first letter or do you start with the biggest and best inaccuracy and use the other issues in future disputes?

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