How to Write the Perfect Credit Bureau Dispute Letter | Structure

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Today we’re gong over how to write the perfect credit dispute letter as well as the structure and anatomy of a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. This letter can be used to remove virtually any negative account from a credit report and we’re using the AJERO Foruma to construct our dispute reasons.

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Yeah, let me show you just how simple it is to construct a dispute letter to the credit bureaus for removing negative items from your credit report. Now, as simple as it sounds, there’s very, very specific things that you need to have in your dispute letter. And it needs to be written a certain way so that you can get your results. Now, this is all part of the Bulletproof dispute letter series, and you can find that playlist link down in the description. So let’s get right to this. Obviously there’s very specific information that you need on your letter, right? We need our name, our address. We also need our social and our date of birth. Now, as far as the social goes, make, excuse me, make sure that you’re putting the full, incomplete, social security number, right? You’re not putting X, X, X dash X X dash 1 2 3 4. We’re only doing that one. We write the creditor or the collector. Okay. Moving on the date. This is going to be today’s date. Okay. I don’t care what you got to say about backdating letters. It doesn’t work. Okay. So instead of taking all these shortcuts that are going to do nothing other than spin you in circles and not get results, why don’t you actually write a factual dispute letter and get those results? Get your collection, your charge off your repossession, your foreclosures, your bankruptcy, your judgements, your late payments removed from your credit report. Instead of looking for shortcuts like disputing online, using things like backdating, doing templates, doing identity theft, those things don’t work, but guess what does factual base disputes want to know? Why? Because we use the facts taken directly from the credit report. Like when I say down here that I paid on time on this date that is listed as late January, 2020. Okay. So again, we’re using today’s date. All right. I have a video that I’m going to link down the description. That explains why we do not backdate, but explanation is very, very simple. The date that your letter gets opened by a machine and fed into the OCR scanner is the date when your investigation begins. So it doesn’t matter what this date says right here. Okay. It’s kind of worthless to even be there. It’s going to be the date that it goes in there. Okay. So moving on, you need to have the bureau and especially if you’re a company you need to know which bureau you are sending out, you know, on the front of the Anglo for this client. Okay. Now this is kind of like a coding reference here, but this is the reason for writing. And these are your disputed accounts down here. Okay. So now we’re talking about the structure. There is a very specific structure that you want to use. Now I could have very simply for a factual letter just in this very first sentence, and that would have been, it could have ended it literally right here. So this is my entire first paragraph. I don’t believe that there’s been an actual investigation on these accounts and you failed to furnish any documentation that proves that’s a typo that they are reported correctly. Now, the rest of it says, because of this, I need for you to perform an independent investigation and go beyond the original source of information to ensure the accuracy of my accounts.

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