How to Write Effective Dispute Letters that Get Results (Credit Sweep Tips)

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Today’s training is on how to write effective dispute letters and you can find the links below to access what you see on the screen. If you would like more videos like this, make sure to like this video to let me know!

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Video notes:
Today. We
are doing some more dispute letter training because one thing that
you want to understand is that your ability to get results, to
get a higher credit score, to get all your negative items
removed from your credit report directly correlates with how
effective your dispute letter is. So we are doing some fill in
dispute letter training. Now, if you don’t believe me, take a
look. I’ve got 129 points in 30 days, videos. I have 478 to 780
in just 60 days. That’s 310 point credit score increase. I
have way more than that. I’ve got an entire playlist of client
results. Watch let’s go and click on client results. So if
good, don’t think that I know what I’m talking about. Then you
may want to look at this playlist 325 points in just 90
days, 501 to 635 and 60 days. So, so on and so forth. The link
to this playlist is down in the description, but the main point
of this is if you are not writing a, an effective dispute
letter, then your negative items are not going to come off. So
pause this video, go down into the description, click on this
link and pull this up with me. So they, you can fill this in
and learn how to write an effective dispute letter. All
right, so I’ve already grown and gone and grabbed a pen. I’m I
think I’m using green, but this bracket up here is for personal
information. So your name is going to go on this top. One on
line two is going to be your address. And as long as your
name is at the top of it, then line two, three, and four don’t
really matter, but this is just for training purposes. So we’re
going to put date of birth on this one, D O B and on line four
is going to be SSN now, but have a caveat here on the space for
social security number. You need to make sure you are literally
entering in your full and complete social security number.
Do not only put the last four. Okay. In addition, you are also
going to need to send out copies of your, just your actual
identification. All right. So ID as a ssn proof of address. Okay.
So now on this line right here, this is going to be the date and
on this one is going to be the recipient, right? So if we’re
writing experience, it’s going to be experienced online one and
their address on line two. So P O box 4500 in Allen, Texas. And
this is 75013. Okay. So everything that is, um, an
italics is very simply a note to you. So our very first part of
the letter is going to be our intention. Why are you sending
this letter? Now? I did add this in, um, while I was writing
this. So for record keeping, this is my first letter to you.
I’m requesting an independent investigation into the
following, and you could put inquiries, accounts, personal
information on this one is going to be accounts. Okay? So because
they are reported wrong, inaccurately, um, you know,
whatever wording you want to put here for me, it’s always going
to be, and that wasn’t an accident they’re inaccurate,
and need to be removed, updated for me, it’s going to be
removed. So now when we go back and we read our paragraph, it
says for record keeping, this is my first letter to you. I’m
requesting an independent investigation into the following
accounts because there are reported inaccurately. It needs
to be removed. Now a note here on independent investigation, if
you just say investigation, then you’re basically saying it’s
okay. If you just come back and tell me that the letter, um,
everything, while my letter has been verified, right? However,
when we’re using independent investigation, we’re saying I’m
not going to allow you or accept for you to just tell me that
it’s been verified without reaching out to anybody. What I
need for you to do is, as it says in Cushman versus
transunion from 1997, where Congress stated that the bureaus
are required, it is imperative, that they go beyond
the original source of investigation or information or
data to ensure the accuracy of the account.

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  1. b.c. says:

    Do you suggest circling the error on the report and sending with letter?

  2. Q Bands says:

    This is awesome thank you!
    My biggest question however is; do I need to freeze my credit report before I send this letter? This is my first letter regarding updating my personal information.

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