How to Win Your Debt Collection Lawsuit by Compelling Private Arbitration (2022 UPDATE)

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Learn how to use this POWERFULL and PROVEN strategy to get your debt collection lawsuit dismissed.

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In this video I share with you what you with a template and instruction on how to draft a Motion to Dismiss and Compel private arbitration.

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17 Responses

  1. PJ Barber says:

    Great info, thank you!!!!

  2. Franny D says:


  3. John Griggs says:

    I was sued by a junk debt buyer for credit card debt. I filed a timely answer along with a motion to compel arbitration. The junk debt buyer decided not to pursue the lawsuit and I got my case dismissed with prejudice shortly afterwards. I didn’t pay the junk debt buyer one penny. My only out of pocket expense was $60 for filing my answer with the court.

    Compelling arbitration works very well with junk debt buyers most of the time. Junk debt buyers want default judgements. They don’t want to spend a lot of time on cases where defendants fight against their bogus lawsuits.

  4. Edwin Romero says:

    Where is the link to check arbitration clauses for like Lending Club?

  5. Edwin Romero says:

    If the amount is 20K is it still a good idea to peruse Arbitration?

  6. katondoya says:

    Mr Skiba, i had my court appt today. Started with a mediator and when Chases lawyer asked me if i acknowledged the debt, i asked her if she had read my response for arbitration. And she had no idea i submitted a response let alone read it. Then the mediator said that its better to settle(i dunno if i should have done that) but i said no. Then the mediator sent me to the judge. I saw the judge and stated the arbitration and Chases lawyer said they oppose that. And the chat was quiet for a min, then the judge told me he needs to read the clause and set a motion to dismiss and hearing for less than 30 days. I have no idea what that means, and i think i messed it up worse. Any advice or course you have i can take to prepare.

  7. P.E P.H says:

    I so wish I could get you to put this junk buyer in its place. I have found so many errors in their "paperwork" I am not sure how to expose issues and objections I have? I am currently in discovery phase.

  8. katondoya says:

    Mr Skiba, at 10am my time(in an hr) i have my zoom pre-trial. I am nervous, but i submitted the request for arbitration on Dec 7. I really want to get this over with. Im just afraid i will get attacked and wont know what to say. Ill update when this headache is done! Im in FL. And thank you so much for your course. This is how i was able to respond.

  9. Gron86 Ron says:

    Do you have to request arbitration in writing to the original creditor or debt collector?

  10. Guadalupe Mendoza says:

    I’m in to my case and we got an extension till July 20 I did her an attorney so he could basically file the paperwork for me I asked about the private arbitration clause he told me he had to take himself off the case if I decide to do that one question if it does go to private arbitration and it is my dad can arbitrator invoke and rule and give them attorney fees i’m gonna try to settle it without going that route but if I do my attorney can’t represent me and I’m gonna have to do this myself as a private arbitrator it’s only a $3700 lawsuit but it looks like my attorney looks at it as a $7000 lawsuit that’s including the attorney fees anyway let me know what you think I know it’s in the state of Arizona but I do value your opinion thanks again Mr. Mendoza

  11. Alex Chavez says:

    Great stuff Mr Skiba! ….come on everyone let's get the likes up!

  12. Scott Haskins II says:

    This was right on time. Thank you!

  13. saaberfly says:

    Will the creditor/plaintiff pin the arbitration fees to you and make you pay them after everything goes through?

  14. Rose Montez says:

    Is it a good idea to request private arbitration if you denied the debt?

  15. Skyler Grey says:

    Very valuable info

  16. Joe Bugaloo says:

    How do you get them to do compelling arbitration?

  17. Skyler Grey says:

    Why do this if they sold your debt and the originator. Cap one for me is no longer the owner of the debt?

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