How to use technology to bust criminals. TPN Credit Bureau fighting ID fraud.

Learn anti-fraud techniques and use technology to uncover identity theft. How does TPN Anti-Fraud Identity Biometrics work?

1. Login to
2. Select Consumer Enquiry
3. Enter application details
4. Select ID Verification
5. Select ID Biometrics


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4 Responses

  1. Eirini Eftihia says:

    Nice one Michelle! Definitely something to use when the prospective tenant is applying from a different province, and you don't get to meet them upfront!

  2. Mari Le Roux says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you, TPN!

  3. Corrien Jacobs says:

    Great, this will help definitely, thank you Michelle.

  4. maureen palmer says:

    Very useful!

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