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disputing personal information on credit report

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8 Responses

  1. BEE says:

    For updating personal information do they have 30 days to respond also?

  2. Jeanmarie Perez says:

    Love love love the consistency!

  3. Jay Eason Tv says:

    Been watching videos and also purchased the kit but I don’t have social media

  4. Rohan Campbell says:

    Love your Chanel I had 4 medical accounts on my credit an from watching your videos, two came off, but I wanted to ask, if I have a credit card that is closed with a bank am currently banking with, how would I go about taking that old closed account off while am still banking with the institution

  5. Sarah Moore says:

    Can you send me the link to your Facebook page

  6. Joseph McNair says:

    I have 2 chapter 11’s that are dismissed. The reason I have 2 is bcz I did not use an attorney. I was trying to stop an eviction, but when I went to try to add another month’s rent to the bankruptcy, but the guy filed another one. About a month later, I ended up losing my job. They are scheduled to fall off in January and March 2021. Since I’m looking to purchase a home soon but still there. I am currently enrolled in Credit Patcup and I must say, I am loving it thus far. I’m doubling it up with your podcast videos and learning A LOT! Thank you. I’m ready to join the millionaire club!!!

  7. Betty Michelle says:

    Hello! I was going over my credit reports and one of the credit Bureaus have not reported 2 of accounts which is in the other 2 reports. How do I go by disputing this. I also have a closed paid account that’s still on 2 of my reports.

    Thank you for taking time out your day to respond

  8. Soul Care Light says:

    I have purchased the kit and do not have a Facebook page. Are there other ways to ask you a question ? Thanks!

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