How to Set up a LLC for your Home Office | Tax Tuesday #150

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How do you set up a LLC or Corporation for Home Office?

Toby Mathis, Esq. answers these questions along with Jeff Webb, CPA and more during this episode of Tax Tuesday, a bi-weekly FREE LIVE webinar event.

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7:45 – How do you set up a LLC or Corporation for Home Office?

13:36 – What should I do now after I made the mistake of starting an LLC in California?

19:19 – Is it advisable to have the house you live in under an LLC?

24:40 – What are the requirements to count visiting out-of-state properties that I own as a deduction? Such as airplane tickets, car rental, hotel, meals, etc. What are the minimum requirements to account it as a tax deduction and not a personal expense?

30:17 – What’s the best way to set up a JV partnership when I already own 100% of the LLC used to get the property under contract?

35:40 – How can I become anonymous in my LLC after the fact? I started my own LLC with my name all over it, and 1 year later I am interested in enhancing the corporate shield and getting my name off the record. Is that possible? I have worked hard to build the business credit with the existing entity and would like it to continue.

40:47 – In 2021, we sold my husband’s dental practice and will owe substantial capital gains taxes. Is there any possible way to avoid these taxes through real estate investing or?

52:37 – When do I switch from wholesaling under my name to wholesaling as a corporation?

54:30 – How do I then get credit approvals under the business entity?

1:00:00 – Is it more advantageous from a tax savings standpoint to make charitable contributions directly from our corporation, or to pay ourselves and then make the donation from our personal account?

1:06:55 – Can I do a 1031 exchange when I sell an investment home that I have never lived in nor rented out? Is there any other way to avoid capital gains tax other than renting it out? I don’t want to keep the house.

1:10:00 – Who handles the paperwork for a 1031 exchange? The lawyer, the realtor or my tax advisor? How far in advance do I have to plan to undertake an exchange?

1:18:25 – A Florida LLC with members consisting of my wife and 3 of my children made a profit of $65k on a residential flip in March. My wife does not have any taxable income. Would the profit be protected from tax if it was paid out in full to my wife?

1:21:09 – What is more beneficial to claim or to employ dependents? What are the requirements for employing dependents?

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