How To REPAIR Credit FAST!!! Increase By 100+ Points!

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In this video, I will show you how to repair your credit score FAST! All my recommendations 👉🏾

I will go over the quickest methods that you can use today to start repairing your credit! You can see a credit increase over 100 points just by following the steps. I will go over some disputing strategies that you can start using to remove delinquency’s from your credit report.


Repair Your Credit:
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Credit Monitoring
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Credit Builders:
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Business Credit Lines:
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disputing late payments on credit report

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26 Responses

  1. TwstedTV says:

    < Google censored this comment >

  2. Jennifer Gabriel says:

    If my credit report doesn’t show correct address, can I dispute collections on my credit report?

  3. OGEE says:

    Have a lot of old collections in my credit report, how can I get rid of them?

  4. Tamara Toban says:

    Hi Naam, this Tamara from ucla. Love your advice.

  5. ZE says:

    do you have any tips on getting closed credit cards removed from credit report? if your willing to pay off the debt

  6. Milton Maristela says:

    Speaks too fast.

  7. golden visit says:

    Jesus can change yr life <3

  8. Deidra Ewell says:

    Are you a credit repair business I need help repairing my credit

  9. Patrick A says:

    credit karma is terrible my credit score was 200 points lower than what it showed … and for my mom it was showing 100 points less than what she really had lol

  10. Little Joe Fragrance says:

    I have creditor that i offered to pay off if they removed it. And they said it’s their policy not to due such a thing. ???? It’s not even mine! I disputed it several times and nothing!!! HELP!!

  11. Kiet Nguyen says:

    Hey Nam, thanks for the video! I didn't realize I could call in to ask for late payments to be removed. Am I calling the number next to the inquiry on my credit report to speak to the creditor/lendor?

  12. Suazoforever says:

    Hi Naan its there a way you can help me with my credit report? I have watched and apply a lot of the information you mentioned into making my credit better, but its hard to see any improvement.

  13. Jaime Ochoa says:

    Happy 246th birthday brother!

  14. Derrick Foster says:

    Do a charge off hurts your credit if it have been paid years ago?follow up questions,will it improve your score if the zero balance charge off is removed?

  15. Mohamad Tamir says:

    can you show us how to remove a late payment, please? i contacted the bank and they said they can't do that

  16. True Time Productions says:

    Hey Nam I gotta a questions. Does closed account hurt my score its at $0 balance? and why does it stay on my account? will it be on there 7 years from the day i payed it off or the day it was closed? I would appreciate you answering these questions

  17. Alex Chavez says:

    Naam– how can I get a phone call with you? Are you on Clarity or other personal coaching platform? Need less than 10 mins. Thanks!

  18. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    Help this this situation please..
    I applied for a chase card and got denied. I fixed the issue and I applied again and got denied. I found the underlying issue with my credit and it wasn’t even accurate for the denial. I am under 5/24, I am guaranteed to be approved this time meeting the requirements and credit score now. If I was to get approved, could I negotiate the previous inquires out of my credit report with Chase?

  19. Credit Plug says:

    Great explanation and breakdown! Many gems dropped!

  20. Positive and Healthy says:

    The one thing that has changed my life is having a daily schedule. I have a mental illness, so it's nice to have a routine to go by.

  21. artincorona says:

    Will Experian investigate a dispute related to an account that doesn't show the fall off date on the credit bureau? Most of my delinquent accounts would show a removal date except for one. Thanks

  22. StenApproved says:

    This is SOLID advice! Love your channel man.

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  26. Naam Wynn says:


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