How To REMOVE VERIFIED Accounts From Your Credit Report | A MUST DO!

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In this video, I will be explaining the steps you need to follow before disputing negative accounts in order to remove accounts that well in most cases come back as verified. BE SURE TO SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON BEFORE YOU GET STARTED. THANKS!

0:00 Intro
1:02 How To Put A Security Freeze on Credit Reports
2:14 How To Dispute Personal Information
4:52 How To Send Dispute Letters To Credit Bureaus
5:24 Conclusion

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Personal Accounts:

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disputing negative credit reports

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  1. ACook says:

    When it comes to addresses, would I dispute the address that was used for a credit card I’m a authorized user on because the other person lived there at the time of getting the card

  2. Elsina Dorsman says:

    Google search Haxedge Solutions and make consultation for a standard credit repair. They saved my financial life from turning a mess.

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