How to Remove Valid, Negative Entries from Your Credit Report

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Unfortunately, there may be items that are negatively affecting your credit score that are accurate. If you have overdrawn accounts, late payments, or accounts in collections, there are still some things you can try to do to get those items removed.

Find out how to get negative entries removed from your credit report, even if they’re legitimate:

1.Make a “Pay for Delete Offer” to get delinquent accounts removed from your credit report. With a Pay for Delete Offer, you’re negotiating with a creditor that is reporting negative items to the credit reporting agencies.

You’re offering to pay the account in full, and in exchange your creditor agrees to remove the negative item from your credit report.

This isn’t a foolproof technique. Some creditors will accept this deal and some won’t.

2.Make a goodwill request for deletion. This strategy is used if you’ve already paid off the account in question. You’re basically asking the creditor if they’ll stop reporting the negative details of the account since the account has been paid.

It’s very important to check your credit score at least once per year because mistakes can and do happen. You’ll want to get those errors off of your credit report as quickly as possible.

If the negative items on your credit report are accurate, it’s more difficult to get them removed. However, it’s worth trying to negotiate with your creditors. Otherwise, your only other option is to wait seven years for those negative items to expire.

This video does not contain financial advice. The finance information is provided for general informational and educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, you are encouraged to consult with the appropriate professionals

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how to get negative items off of your credit report

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