How To Remove Student Loans From Your Credit Report | Fixing Credit

This is one of the ways the credit team removes student loans from our clients’ credit reports…

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25 Responses

  1. Dot ME says:

    great video thanks

  2. The Credit Team says:

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  3. Ethereal says:

    Mine is weird…they never
    reported the same numbers to the 3 bureaus. They kept changing the info with Trans only and for another acct changed the infor with Equifax. Nothing was ever reported to Experian. None of the same accounts were ever reported to different bureaus. How do I fight that?

  4. Noemi Valentin says:

    Once removed do you still need to pay off your student loan? Or by removing you don’t have to?

  5. Astin says:

    I love being a credit repair specialist!! It’s all about the format

  6. Onicolo says:

    Won’t this hurt your score if it’s helping with credit history? I have 11 with late payments.

  7. TG says:

    fk editing huh? lol good info

  8. Reds m says:

    What’s the cost of ur service

  9. Nia Patrick says:

    ok….great video. the fact that each reporting agency needs to report the same information and if they dont its inaccurate…brilliant. thank you for sharing. im a new subbie and i liked the video.

  10. Share Credit Repair says:

    Excellent Video!

  11. Brittany Jalisaa says:

    Everyone is teaching this but not saying how to dispute the student loans if every line is the same ???

  12. Jordan Sanford says:

    The law you keep referring to is the FCRA?

  13. Misha Mccrea says:

    How much do you charge to do this?

  14. Sean A., Esq. says:

    Can you send me your email address so I can contact you directly?

  15. soultress23 says:

    Will this help if loans are in student loan forgiveness program? Bal. Of the loans don't all match

  16. Queen Cecelia says:

    This is great. Thank u! ❤

  17. Xtreme says:

    Simple and straight to point.

  18. D3 fan page says:

    This is the type of knowledge you need for the new dollar and new life as well.

  19. Fred Sams says:

    They got great service

  20. Crypto 2020 says:

    All these other ppl in this man's comments promoting their business. Let this man live. Damn

  21. Shaq Tha Short says:

    Yeah I really need help I’m tired of paying people who don’t specialize in student loans. I pay way too much money for no results.

  22. kleenup2 says:

    Look like the original Gucci Mane. Appreciate the info. I'm at 730 credit score but delinquent student loans holding me down.

  23. Wonda says:

    Young man…..thank you for this video….I have watched so many videos concerning credit repair, non have made since and broke things down like yours. I think its because many people are trying to get people to financially invest in their business or products and not give them the CORRECT knowledge to do the credit repair themselves….Thank you and may the Most High God bless you….Shalom..peace and blessings!!!!

  24. Moses Busolo says:

    Can I set up an appointment with you to get student loans off?

  25. the dude says:

    Student loans are only ever ended in two situations: 1) you pay it off 2) you die. Credit scores keep you poor

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