How To Remove Repossessions From Your Credit Report

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how to dispute repossession on credit report

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9 Responses

  1. Deighton Mckoy says:

    Soooo my car was repo'd in July 2021, due to financial status during the pandemic. My C.R. stated in the notes, Affected by natural disaster, which was Covid. This showed from April 2021-March 2021. Was I paying still paying? Yes. Did I pay in full? No. In April I noticed in the notes section, it changed from Affected by Natural Disaster to Individual (meaning I am at fault completely due to failure of pay). Car repo'd, no presale later, and no notice. Only thing I received was the amount owed after sale. Think I have a chance? to fight. Sorry for the essay, but this S%^& put a dent in my CR.

  2. Premo Suave says:

    Wow I have a repossession that's been haunting me since 2015 originally I just planned to let it fall off but I never received any contact from them since

  3. Dfiant says:

    Where do you go to sue??

  4. Masters Hack Group says:

    Top 5

  5. Tayyab Kolby says:


  6. selina pena says:


  7. Forever Yours Yah says:

    While I was blown away by the information you and brother Darain shared, I have had quite a problem getting it to open online. So, maybe you could post it on your page or send it to me again? You both make it very entertaining and powerful! Thanks!

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