How to Remove Paid or Settled Charge-offs From a Credit Report

Today we’re talking about how to remove paid or settled charge-offs from a credit report and we’re breaking down how to analyze, make an action determination, and make a plan of attack. You can access all PDFs referenced in this video and the previous worksheets at

If you have paid or settled charge-offs, we go after them differently than we would an unpaid account and in this video I explain how to handle these.

During the analysis, we’ll be able to figure out whether to keep the account or delete it, and then can map out the plan of attack using the strategy sheet. Make sure to grab yours today!

The 1st thing that we want to do is check out whether the account is less than or more than 24 months old, how long it took for you to pay or settle, whether you paid or settled the account, how long it has been on your credit report, and then determine whether it should be removed or keep it. You also need to look at HOW MANY paid charge-offs or settled charge-offs are reported.

Next, we create the plan of attack. We do this by targetting the BIG GUNS and you can see how this works in this video.


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