How To Remove Military Star Card Late Payments

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In this video I go over how I was able to remove a 30 day late payment from all three bureaus on my credit report from Military Star Card.

To remove a Military Star Card Late payment I sent a good will email, good will letter and good will phone call to the company asking for a good will adjustment to have my late payment removed. After this did not work, I began disputing and sending out dispute letters which also did not work.

Finally I disputed online by making a free account with each of the bureaus.

With Experian I disputed online and selected “other reason” and put “When I called a representative kindly agreed to have this late payment removed from my account now that it has been paid in full and I have since been on time with all recent payments.” in the comments.

For transunion I selected “Its incorrect” and “the creditor agreed to change or update this account” and put down the same comments above.

Take the few minutes to send out these online disputes and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did! Don’t wait around, get to work on it!

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how to dispute past due on credit report

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