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Today we’re going over how to remove inquiries in 72 hours from your credit report and this is mostly for a consumer than a business, because you will be making calls, faxing, and writing letters. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it most definitely works and I’ve personally used it to remove inquiries when we got our mortgage.


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Video notes:
What’s up, YouTube fam.
Today We are going over how to remove inquiries from your
credit report in as little as seventy two hours. So, this is
the video that you want to watch if you have any inqueries that
need to come off. All right. So normally you hear me say things
don’t happen overnight and this is a process and blah blah, but there
are sometimes sometimes for certain things that they just,
for whatever reason can happen quickly. And this is one of
those times. Now, you’re going to want to make sure that you
watch to the end of his video because there’s something that I
want to add in here. That is not on this. PDF, right. So this is
the rapid results inquiry removal process, right? So, it
doesn’t matter how many you have, but for this process, do
not put more than 15 about 12 to 15. Excuse me, inquiries per
letter. Okay. Now, do not attempt to remove inquiries that
are less than three months old. It is not going to work, unless
they are due to car shopping. Okay. So, those are the two
caveats here, right? So, in this, even when you call the
bureau’s you were to tell them that, you told the finance
manager. Not to send you to more than two places because you
don’t want more than to increasing your credit report,
right? And you can follow along with me by looking at the
screen. So otherwise, you’ll make it more difficult for
yourself, but you can try and you might be successful. Now,
there are multiple ways to remove inquiries from your credit
report and you can find my regular inquiry removal webinar,
just by doing a search on my videos. And I’ve got almost
well. I’ve got a total of 700 videos, but there’s 500. Hundred
and like 30 some odd that are public. Okay, so you can just
use that little keyword box type an inquiry and you can find the
other webinar where I give you over five different methods, but
this is for the 72-hour removal process. Okay, and I have
personally tried this on individuals such as family
members and all that kind of stuff, and I even used it on my
own when we were mortgage shopping. So this definitely
works. Alright. So here we go. Step number one, you’re going to
call the creditors, the people who actually pulled your credit
report, okay? And you’re going to make a note of the name and
the employee ID and the department of the individual
that you spoke with. All right, or spoke to. So alert them that
you do not recall authorizing the inquiry pull, you’re seeing
on the report and you can request that they send
documentation to your address and if they don’t have the docs
on site to remove the inquiry ASAP. As it’s obviously hurting
your credit, your score, your ability to obtain, you know,
whatever. However you want to order. But this is one of the
most important steps, okay. Now notice you definitely have to
make a note of who you spoke with and when because we’re
going to be using it in one of the next steps.

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