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Let’s remove those hard inquiries! Letters included in video!


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can i dispute hard inquiries on my credit report

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7 Responses

  1. Deja Cooper says:

    How do you remove inquiries for when applying for a car

  2. Fronte Unito says:

    Equifax is giving me a hard time with inquiries. Anyone having problems with equifax?

  3. Milly Mill says:

    I was advised to file a police report from equifax

  4. Amy Mendez says:

    I absolutely love your content!! You’re incredibly helpful.

    I have credit debt with a bank that has been charged off. However, I was planning to settle a payment with the collections, because I want to open up a credit card with the same bank soon as I currently don’t have any open accounts. Is settling a payment a good option for that? Will it look bad to the bank that I never payed it to the collections? What do you recommend I do?

  5. Krystin Wills says:

    Short & sweet!

  6. Wlcal l says:

    Maaannnn let me gone hit this notification bell

  7. Francis Ian Orbs says:

    Awesome content as always…

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