How To Remove Hard Inquiries In 24 HOURS OR LESS *Detailed Dispute Letter*

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How To Remove Hard Inquiries In 24 Hours Or LESS *Detailed Dispute Letter*

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disputing hard inquiries on credit report

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  1. Hakan Başkan 1 says:

    Very true

  2. Alisha Gordon-pollard says:

    Great information

  3. VIP GAMER 2.O says:


    When trying to get late payments removed on an active account, if it cannot be verified by the bureaus, do they remove that late payment and show on time payment for that month, show no information available for that month, or delete that account off the credit report? I want to get my late payment history corrected but not sure how disputing with the credit bureaus affects the active account if they cannot verify the information to be accurate, I wouldn't have been able to take them off if not me meeting U̬̤̯N̬̤̯I̬̤̯V̬̤̯E̬̤̯R̬̤̯S̬̤̯A̬̤̯L̬̤̯C̬̤̯R̬̤̯E̬̤̯D̬̤̯I̬̤̯T̬̤̯S̬̤̯O̬̤̯L̬̤̯U̬̤̯T̬̤̯I̬̤̯O̬̤̯N̬̤̯S̬̤̯ . T̬̤̯E̬̤̯C̬̤̯H̬̤̯

  5. Jake Copeland says:

    Should I worry about promotional inquiries?

  6. Queen Moe Better says:

    Thanks I need this information.

  7. The Brent&Alex Show says:

    Helpful information.

  8. S. Patterson says:

    Thanks for the tips Monique and I love your blouse too.

  9. Credit Lord dot Org says:

    You always tell it as it is Sis!

  10. S CA says:

    Thanks for the tips and congrats to you both! God Bless!!

  11. Latasha H Jackson says:

    Thanks for the info Monique. Congratulations on 100k too!

  12. Life With Karisha says:

    I love that shirt Monique. That’s perfect for fall.

  13. Mary Veney says:

    Congratulations on 100k
    Love your blouse

  14. Olivia Howard says:

    I'm loving that shirt

  15. Rita Mae says:

    Hi pretty girl

  16. Debra Randolph says:

    Same thing happened to me

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