How To Remove Hard Inquiries From Transunion In Under 10 MINUTES!

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19 Responses

  1. Divine Brilliance says:

    Experian and transunion is childsplay… equifax CEO is non consensual identity theft villain.

  2. Javier Villegas says:

    does this hack actually work? i wanna call in but most of the comments are saying it did not work or them

  3. blazetvchannel says:

    Thanks for the gem Marvin , learnt a lot from you , I learnt the Experian , now trans union, any hack for equifax ? Thanks

  4. LifeofAGirlBoss says:

    Can you do a video about how to get them removed from equifax? Their soooo stubborn!!

  5. mike Anderson says:

    Ive been having a battle with Tranns Union.

  6. mike Anderson says:

    Thats the biz bro yo the hack worked for experian. Im on Trans i have a 680 score with no derogs and 52 inquires on Trans hopefully this hack will put me over 700

  7. Theo Paine says:

    Interesting video. Was u approved or denied credit from the NCFU Inquiry u are trying to get TU to removed? It would be great if u pulled your TU report on Monday and do a video to show us that the inquiry was removed. Nothing like knowing 'for sure' that your mission was accomplished!

  8. willcraw88 says:

    Yo man, where’s my refund back?

  9. Chvz13 says:

    I’ve done this but they later verified it and it came back. Did you freeze anything?

  10. Cynthia K. says:

    Thank you! I’ll try on Monday!

  11. Omar Z says:

    You forgot to do Equifax bro

  12. Omar Z says:

    Great video bro

  13. G M says:

    Can you remove 6 hard inquires over phone?

  14. Jimmy Villa says:

    Sure would be nice if you're paid service work that well going on two months no results

  15. UpperEchelonGvng says:

    experian method works. but TU gave me the runaround w. 3 options that were not in the consumers favor.

  16. Sachin Shinde says:

    How about for permissible hard inquiries? I called transunion regarding my 2 hard inquiries. They said I need to call the creditor and request a letter of deletion and submit it to Tranunion. The other way is to file a police report and submit it to them. They said there is no way around it. Any thoughts?

  17. JW says:

    Thanks for trying to help remove NFCU hard inquiries. I've tried 4 times with the number you've given. Went through the exact motions. They state that feature is not available with maybe NFCU as is other hard inquiry organizations. I talked to two supervisors, each refused to remove anything "that options not available". They say they do not challenge inquiries inquiries and will only send a letter to the financial institution.
    Additional advice?

  18. Patrick says:

    Another banger

  19. Thomas Luong says:

    I also used your Experian 24 hours and it works. Thanks will give this try next week. Oh by any chance you can provide the phone number for Equifax for the methods. Thanks

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