How to Remove Hard Inquiries From a Credit Report (PROVEN & Updated for 2021)

Today I’m giving you an all-access pass to my How to Remove Hard Inquiries webinar from the Credit Sweeps Secrets Series today free! I’ve included each of my proven methods, include the smoking gun that I use, and have explained the letter in detail. If you’d like to schedule a free call to see if I can help you increase your credit score, head to for a credit repair consultation. Content is pre-recorded.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to remove hard inquiries from a credit report and it’s also one of the most expensive to produce for a client because of the hard costs involved, and because there’s so many companies out there that want to charge you $2000+ for this service, I wanted to give you my methods totally and completely free. Obviously, I can do it for you if you want me to, but I prefer not to. From a business perspective, I know that doesn’t make any sense, but just imagine for a moment a client coming to me with 100+ inquiries and me having to write 100+ letters (because each furnisher needs a letter sent to them directly each month). That’s $50+ in postage just to send out 1 round and that’s not even charging for the creation and maintenance of the dispute letters to the creditors or the credit bureaus for the inquiries!

Bottom line: if you have inquiries on your credit report that are not attached to an account or where there’s no physical signature on file, you can dispute them and get them removed without having to hire a company and without having to pay thousands of dollars that could otherwise feed your family for months.

So… if you have some inquiries to remove, some time to learn to use these credit sweep methods, and the fight in you to attack and get them removed, watch this video til the end because I give you my SMOKING GUN strategy, which has a very high success rate.

You can also find the free rapid inquiry remoal dispute letter on my website at

We go over many tactics including the identity theft credit sweep method for inquiries, disputing online, on the phone, letters, credit repair laws and why they matter and how to use them in your letters, as well as my smoking gun for disputing with the credit bureaus.

I also show you what your dispute letters should look like (by showing you dispute letter templates) for inquiries.

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I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics, techniques, strategies and methods that’ll drive your results. This channel was set up to be the gas that powers your vehicle to your destination.


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Please watch: “How to Write a Dispute Letter Using eOscar Codes to Credit Bureaus”



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