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Always consult a financial advisor or attorney for the most accurate information that pertains to your credit situation!

Phone: You can request your security freeze via phone at 1-800-456-1244.
Online: (You have to upload ID/Proof of Name)


0:00 How to get Hard Inquiries Removed!
0:52 Write a Letter to the Credit Bureas! MY TEMPLATE IS BELOW!
2:48 SageStream & LexisNexis Freezing.
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How to Write a Dispute Letter Step-by-Step for Derogatory Marks:

FIRST: pull your credit report & identify what is lowering your score.
Navigate to Experian or (they have free trials) and pull your 3 reports + Scores! has reports but DOES NOT display scores.


-1. You don’t have ENOUGH credit established.
-2. You have late payments on your report.
-3. You have accounts in COLLECTIONS
-4. Your accounts are closed to being maxed out
-5. You have a public record such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

-CALL the creditor and negotiate the terms of the debt and ask if they can adjust your account status back to current/paid.
-EXPLAIN you are having a tough time and ask if they can remove the late payment as a COURTESY.
-IDENTIFY any inaccuracies and dispute it.

-DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE any errors or inaccuracies (name, account opened date, account amount, etc)
-Ask the lender to VALIDATE the debt
-ASK FOR “PAY FOR DELETION”* while I don’t recommend this method, here is how it can be used: Get a letter from the collection agency that states they will DELETE the negative account from your Credit Report, upon receipt of payment. If the account balance is already “$0.00” but the status of the negative collection is still on your report, dispute the debt anyway with the credit bureaus.
-If (Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion) cannot prove the debt, it’ll get removed*
*According to FCRA Section 609/611 guidelines.

1. Pay down OR PAY OFF your credit cards, loans or any revolving accounts,
2. Ask for the credit card company to raise your credit limit-(DO NOT USE MORE CREDIT; BE RESPONSIBLE).

-NOT impossible, but it’s very hard to do
-Dispute any errors or inaccuracies (ex-spouse’s debt, etc).
-Ask an attorney if this can be rectified. I cannot advise on this.

THIS is the exact way to FIX a bad credit score, WITHOUT PAYING a company to help you do it! All of these steps can be taken TODAY to increase your score and remove derogatory marks off your credit report. Having a higher credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate, getting approved for a home or an apartment, and will even help you get a better job!!! YES, EMPLOYERS CHECK CREDIT!!

I raised my credit score over 300+ points and I didn’t have to pay anyone! The most common misconception of improving one’s credit score is that if you pay your collections accounts reported on your credit report, this will help your credit score. WRONG! I will explain why disputing collections accounts from your credit report is the BEST method to raise your score! Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is strictly for informational purposes and does not replace the advice from a financial advisor, credit bureaus agent or attorney. I do not offer credit repair.

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how to dispute hard inquiry on credit report

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38 Responses

  1. Dorcas Mclendon says:

    Hey Jaz. How do we list the inquiries on the dispute letter?

  2. A. Storey says:

    Hi Jazzy, I sent in my first round to get my hard inquiries taken off. I received three different responses from the three credit bureaus.

    1. Equifax said they couldn’t locate my file because I have no applied for credit recently, or have not actively used credit in the past ten years. (??)
    2.Transunion said they need proof of address and are requesting I send them 2 copies of qualifying documents.
    3. Experian just sent me a credit report which has my collections account info but nothing about the hard inquires. Doesn’t say anything about the inquiries getting taken off.

    Not sure what I should do next. Should I just work on getting the collection accounts taken off and work on the hard inquiries after? Or should I send in my second round of letters next. Thank you for everything you do!

  3. Makeuproom S says:

    Hi, I have paid off accounts which are closed. But its stating , REVOLVING but close. does it affect my credit?

  4. Robyn Crawford says:

    Hi! Is it possible to have late payments removed? Thank you and thanks for all of the information you're providing!!

  5. Brandon Smith says:

    How can you get the full account numbers? I pulled my report and it only has partial account numbers and not the full numbers.

  6. A. Storey says:

    Hi Jazzy, i have a question. Do hard inquiries have an account number? Im going to send off my letters for hard inquiries but I dont see an account number listed. Thanks for all your help!

  7. Karma 93 says:

    Just to confirm I can settle a collection and still request for it to be deleted from my report ?

  8. Channy Monroe says:

    Hi Jazzy! I have 3 revolving closed accounts the account status says current. What does it mean?Can I have it removed? Or should I just leave it ? The only good day about those closed account I paid off the balances before they were closed so I don’t owe anything.

  9. Nisha Polk says:

    Hi Jazzy, So I purchased the templates, but I noticed there are wrong names and address for me. Do you have template for that?

  10. Joshua Ross says:

    How many inquires can you dispute at one time?…is it the same rule of thumb no more than 5, or are inquiries not limited like collection disputes? Can I do spite all inquiries at once or should I keep it under 5?

  11. Kendra Biggs says:

    I have loans on my credit report that has not gone to collections. I was told by a credit repair company to stop paying them so the interest would not continue to be added. But now I have late payments on my credit report. Is there a way I can fix this?

  12. Melissa Mota says:

    Where can I buy your template letters?

  13. Daniela Villarreal says:

    how can I dispute electric company that is charging me for what they have credited me for future months' savings?

  14. aregv92 says:

    Help!!! I'm working on my credit. I sent a letter for validation (I purchased and used your templates) I was then served papers summons to answer. It had a court date. It’s for my sons medical bills. Please help me!
    Not sure what to do. The balance is around $900

  15. ceecee slots cee says:

    I was told if you send a letter to update address and number if you move it will help your credit is this true

  16. l0VElY TiNGlES says:

    Hi, do you provide any credit repair services?

  17. Melodie Sherred says:

    Hey Jazzy I can’t print the pages on my credit kit

  18. Westley Mcvey says:

    I heard writing letters aren’t really affective, email you would have a copy

  19. Jasmine Mckeen says:

    I just purchased your template but was confused on how I can apply it to disputing hard inquires on my account. A car dealership made 10 hard inquires on my account without my permission and I would like to dispute them. When I look on my credit report, there is no account number attached to those hard inquires so what would I have to use instead of an account number on your template? And do I have to switch up the wording on the template to make it suitable for disputing hard inquires instead of collection accounts?

  20. Tammy ford says:

    I need your help how can I contact you for your service

  21. Keeping Up With Kay says:

    Hello can you only dispute hard inquiries if they are fraudulent

  22. ashley alama says:

    I’m so glad I came across your videos because I was about to “help” clean up my dads credit score by paying off the collections debt- but I didn’t! Gonna dispute the whole way! How do I get the full account # from the different accounts since the bureaus don’t post the whole #? Do I contact them directly?

  23. Jay Letics says:

    I got 10 hard inquiries when I got approved for my car. Most I didn’t know about or approve. Jazz, should I freeze or just dispute and send letters?

  24. D Branch says:

    Hey Jazzy,

    Thank you so much for the information. Is the information for sending letter back to ask for investigation after the “prove” that is is yours included with the packet you provide?

  25. D'Nita Williams says:

    I have the dispute template and have gotten two accounts removed and my credit score has increased 62 points! Thank you for this! Two questions is the inquiry template located in the basic dispute template as well? Also if you get Thea collection account removed do you still have to call and do a small settlement so it won't come back? I've heard that from someone else

  26. Cynthia Boyd says:

    Can you do a video on how to pay off credit card debt without all the interest

  27. Dose of Ken says:

    hey there queen, so I too your advice and got the Experian membership account to pull all 3 credit reports. However, Im not able to see the full *account number on the derogatory accounts even with paid membership. I need to input the full number in my dispute letters. How//where can I see the full account numbers?

  28. Deuce Fam says:

    What do I do if I can’t find the account number to a collection account? Thank you in advance

  29. Ashley Butler says:

    Hey Jazzy, hope all is well with you! I do have a question. So I sent method of validation to the companies who did hard inquiries on my credit report. I actually just received a call from one of the companies but I didn’t answer, they asked for me to call them back to resolve but I am aware that everything should be via mail for proof purposes I just want to show the credit bureaus that I reached out to them 1st asking for method of validation now I’m reaching out to them to resolve the issue, is that okay or did I do that wrong

  30. NaturallyNu says:

    Sorry if I missed it , but how hard do hard inquiries effect your score ? Like if removed will it improve significantly or at all ?

  31. rocko d says:

    Another great video thanks Queen

  32. sassyANDklassy says:

    Is the template you have in your other video about disputing accounts the same one you would use for the inquiries or isnit the same?

  33. Life with Jazzy Mac says:


  34. Ariana Sherry says:

    Love this

  35. Honest truth says:


    I know you said that we should not send in more than 5 disputes a month… does that include the response letter if it was not taken off??

  36. Kyleigh Green says:

    If you freeze your credit report do you need to unfreeze it later? What are the benefits of freezing credit? You should make a video on this!

  37. Crystal Holland says:

    Whats your ig may I write to you about a few questions I have

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