How To Remove Hard Inquiries – 5 Reasons You Don't Need To

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Learn why you are making a mistake when you focus on disputing inquiries on your credit reports.

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how to dispute hard inquiries on credit report

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29 Responses

  1. Billy Watts says:

    Thank you for the advice but I took a 17 point hit on 1 inquiry from Capital One! I've been on my credit journey forv3 months any advice?

  2. Joyce Konadu says:

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  3. I N T E R E S T E D says:

    Hi, thanks for the video. In regards to these inquiries, what if I have 12 of these things on my credit report? Are you saying that if I get all of these 12 inquiries removed, it will boost up my credit scores up to 60 points?

  4. Wrightson Spriggs says:

    Thank you so much you took a turn off my shoulders from worrying about inquiries on my credit report I will continue to listen to more of your information thanks again

  5. Trucking With Handsome Danny says:

    How can u be reached?

  6. Dionne Watkins says:

    I had one inquiry removed and my score jumped 15 points so idk what your talking about

  7. drakechap says:

    Some types of funding and credit cards will not accept a certain amount of inquiries.

  8. Jo Shipp says:

    I'm trying to avoid hard inquiries, because they do effect my score, no matter how little. Those few points make a difference

  9. Chris. BCC says:

    Not true brother. Your incorrect and i dont do it for a living

  10. nebra lester says:

    Why would it get on your nerves? I got a car last yr. They ran my credit eventhough my credit was good. I have 7 unnecessary inquiries that gotta stay on my credit for 2 yrs.

  11. VeganMicroFarm says:

    You make a good point about the small hit to your score, some lenders always want to know why you were denied. I had a lender refuse to process an application and my credit is in good standing, now I have a hard pull and was never considered for a line of credit. Three other lenders treat me like a king based upon my credit profile.

  12. YoureProbablyTheWorst says:

    Some of the worst and wrong credit advice ovr seen on youtube

  13. Ke'sha Shaw says:

    So is it we need to show good payment history?? Is that the catch??

  14. bebejesisoto says:

    I had a hard inquiry from a Amex application got denied and lost about 36 points on my experian fico! While in the process of repair. That took my score to low 600s with experian. Almost 40 points seemed insane to me.

  15. AVERY TATE says:

    I want em off
    I got 30 of em i didnt ask for.
    Crooked peeps

  16. rick dickerson says:

    My main concern is my information was compromised by Equifax data breach there is 36 hard inquiries on Equifax unauthorized they refused to remove those

  17. Velvet Connally says:

    This is NOT good advice at all. You may be a real estate guru that has extra credit knowledge but you are NOT a credit guru. Anyone that is serious about leveraging their credit and using it to make major moves in business and finance, understands how inquiries can knock you out of the game COMPLETELY. You could have an 850 credit score and if you have too many recent inquiries you will NOT get approved for ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Inquiry removal is imperative if you are serious about leveraging your credit. But if you are just a Joe Schmoe looking to buy a house, then perhaps the inquiries don't matter much.

  18. Patrick Hermon says:

    I don't know about you but i was raised to do stuff at the highest limitation . Getting five points for each hard inquiry removal is a lot especially when you have more than 5 . 1 year affecting a credit line in most cases people just don't have the time like that to sit around waiting for stuff like that to just disappear .Your credit stands for almost any big purchase you want to make in life.lenders don't like hard inquires . I don't know who you got your information from but a hard inquiry is not extremely hard to remove at all neither.If you're lazy then yea but if you want it off bad enough you'll get it off whether its paying someone to do it or just doing it your self with a simple letter .To me it doesn't matter how much it affects your credit ,it matters that it affects it at all.Dont agree with this video at all.

  19. Sharon Taylor says:

    I don't agree with the statement that inquiries dont significantly affect your scores. I lost over 65 points in one month because of inquiries from only 3 car dealerships and 3 credit card companies recommended by Credit Karma. It was the only thing that affected my score.

  20. Louis The PreachR says:

    This is NOT good advice. Very misleading.

  21. Larry Leonard says:

    I agree but 3-5 pts x 19 inquiries (for example) = 57 to 95 points which could potentially help you qualify for a mortgage from FHA which requires a minimum of 620 fico score according to their guidelines.

  22. Super Backyard Breeder says:

    I just wanna understand it more about the 10% only. Is it 10% per inquiry or 10% of all in inquiry per year or 2 years?

  23. L. T. says:

    Bad advice

  24. d3rsk0n says:

    lol..Lmao your video bitch slapped me. all true, im done, no more thirst for me.
    15 HARD inquires 700+ Time to stop.

  25. rick dickerson says:

    If you have to many inquires banks will deny you credit.
    To many inquires
    Balances on credit cards to high. Only have 2% credit card usage
    Bankruptcy on credit reports 7 years old.
    7 year old collection Account.

  26. Reyah D says:

    Lenders dont like seeing inquiries. Thats y u want them removed. Makes them think youve been applying for alot of credit

  27. Kris Cellers says:

    well they only hurt the the score for 1 year the lenders still see them for that remaining year and deny you from a home loan or what have you. it makes you look needy for credit and when they see that they think why should we if these other creditors didnt. just my thought. i dont know if it 100% accurate but it is a very good shot in the dark.

  28. RiceWon says:

    Thank you for this video! Covers what I needed to know just in time. I wish you the best of success 🙂

  29. Melvin Parker says:

    Excellent Video!

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