How to remove defaults off your UK credit report for free.

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A default can leave a blemish on your credit report, making it hard to borrow money.

I’m hear to tell you 3 simple ways to remove a default off your UK credit report. Remember to ask for the original default letter. Most cases if they can’t provide this information, they will offer to remove it.

Step 1 send a letter/email to your creditor. Phone the company to make them aware of the email/letter.
Give the company a few weeks to deal with your complaints.
Make sure this is log as a complaint from day one.

Step 2 if your account was sold to a other company, contact them and make them aware of what you’re trying to do.
Make sure the email/letter clearly stated this is affecting you getting a job and your hold financial life.

Eg your not able to get approved for any mortgage, loan, or credit cards.

3 Phone the original Leander and get on there good side and ask nicely to remove the default off your credit.

Email the head off the department, you can google the manager name and include him in your email.
Eg Dear Mr N Jone’s

Good luck 🤞

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