🔥How To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report🔥

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I’ll teach you how to sweep your credit clean and raise your score with this ebook:

Do a Google search for the term “Opt out of”_… Lexisnexus – Sagestream and Core Logic
You will find links to their websites with the steps you need to take to suppress your information at these information bureaus. After you repair your credit you may want to opt back in to these bureaus.

Once you opt out then you will write your dispute letters directly to the credit bureaus containing the collection you want to dispute. The bureaus will try to verify your challenge but should not be able to do so because you suppressed/opted out of those bureaus so they won’t release any info.

Since they cannot verify the disputed account it needs to be removed. In the instance they do not remove the account from your report go the the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau website. There you will have the option to file a complaint with whatever credit bureau did not remove the negative item. The CFPB will contact the credit bureaus to see why they didnt remove your disputed item.

In the ebook I show you how to speed this process up and also how to dispute other items on your credit report.


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    Rod is there a special way to write the letters?

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    My man good looking out

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    I'll teach you how to sweep your credit clean and raise your score with this ebook: https://bit.ly/RodsCreditEbook

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