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how to get rid of negative information on credit report

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28 Responses

  1. Arya Parker says:

    It's never too late to start saving like there's no tomorrow, and I'm really REALLY excited and motivated. Oh and Marv, fyi my emergency fund is also a done deal! by U̬̤̯N̬̤̯I̬̤̯V̬̤̯E̬̤̯R̬̤̯S̬̤̯A̬̤̯L̬̤̯C̬̤̯R̬̤̯E̬̤̯D̬̤̯I̬̤̯T̬̤̯S̬̤̯O̬̤̯L̬̤̯U̬̤̯T̬̤̯I̬̤̯O̬̤̯N̬̤̯S̬̤̯ . T̬̤̯E̬̤̯C̬̤̯H̬̤̯ group lol, i didn't made it myself

  2. Delpha Kihn says:

    At 34 years old I finally feel ready to settle down long enough to buy a house. Unfortunately due to previous horrible stupid life decisions, I'm forced to start with a zero balance in my savings account. On the bright side, the huge amount of debt – consequence of those bad decisions will be payed off next month!

  3. Bernice Townsend says:

    Can you do a video about lexis nexus?

  4. Bernice Townsend says:

    Can you remove old addresses from Lexis Nexis and other data furnishers?

  5. derickcus mattox says:

    Good information But Not The Right way to go with charge offs

  6. Omar James says:

    The re aging of old debt is a real issue ….

  7. Dawn Malone says:

    Thank you was great information

  8. Sharonda Weight Lost Adams says:

    I need info in re aging a debt

  9. Ayo O says:

    How do you know what old data a charge off is tied to? And if the charge off is reporting monthly, are they essentially updating 2-6 yr old charge offs to new addresses/names/numbers/etc?

  10. ShytownGirl1 says:

    Sherry if something says debt buyer under an item in collections?? Can I send them a letter asking for proof that I owe them?? It's been there since 2017.

  11. capri G says:

    Excellent! Thank you for the so valuable information.

  12. keto satterwhite says:

    What about Navy Federal

  13. nexrep1 says:


  14. PLO YT says:

    Do these steps work with student loans ?????

  15. Jahborn DarkLight says:

    Peace Queen how can you help me with charge offs

  16. Cheez McWeez says:

    Love your content sis.

  17. Moderator Enforcement says:

    Never never never and I say never pay any collection account, TRUST ME.

  18. Michael Sharpe says:

    Hi Sherry Question I have a charge of from 2016 can the credit card
    company report the acct as a charge off & report the late
    payments every single month since 2016 ?

  19. Lorenzo Disciple of Yahusha says:

    Hello beautiful sis.thanks for a great video.

  20. A J says:

    Wow Sherry, I never knew the importance of gettting old addresses removed from credit reports. Wow. Thank you for the free gems!. I will get on that straight away.

  21. Chrisy Turner says:

    Thank you; I have 230K student loans and I can't buy a house. How can you buy with that much debt?

  22. Valerie Hill says:

    Thanks Sherry!

  23. Michael Sharpe says:

    Hi Sherry I have a question I need to ask you about a credit card company reporting on my credit report what's the best way to contact you ?

  24. :Unkle: Quester. says:

    Just a quick big ass middle finger TO ALL OF YOU SCUM trying to solicit customers, off of Sherry's work. Ya'll GOTTA know right off the bat what kind of morals these Cats have for doing something like this, so hopefully, you'll keep it movin' like the Soul Train Line.

    May they all burn extra mf crispy.

  25. :Unkle: Quester. says:

    Ok, here's the question; I think I know the answer but here goes. What one sided contract did we sign, that gives these private companies the 'authority' to administer our accounts in the first place? Last time I checked the SSA is the ONLY Corporation that is supposed to have the social security numbers. I believe its in the contract from the original "creditor" giving them 'permission' to report to these agencies. If so, is there something that can be done about this….account by account, of course? Lol

  26. K. Terry says:

    I mailed letters and called Equifax and Experian to delete the address associated with my charge-off. But they refused to delete/remove my old address on the grounds that it is still currently be reported by the charge-off creditor and other account creditors. HELP! 🙁

  27. Sherie Fleming says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with me. I will be getting your book.

  28. Mark Cason says:

    Thanks Sherry! What if the company converts the restrictive endored check into an electronic check? That happened to me with Citibank and Barclays. Any advice on how to proceed?

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