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23 Responses

  1. Carmen Santiago says:

    What can I do with credit cards that raise your credit the time your are having trouble to add late charges and add it to your account with no transactions.
    I am beside myself. Credit one card is hurting me owed only 400 Now I owe 700
    They add 300 more without asking my permission. What can I do.

  2. High Earners Not Rich Yet says:

    The ending the best part !

  3. Charles Potter says:

    You are amazing. I just saw that an account that was opened in 2005 is showing late payments and closed 2017 with 0 balance. It was a loan on a property that was a part of chapter 7 that was not reafitmed in 2009 and sold in short sale in 2017. Has not shown on TransUnion untill May 2021 as being closed with late pays back to 07. That's more than 7 years. What letter should I send TransUnion. How do I get the letters you mentioned in one of your presentations.

  4. K L E Jr says:

    Thumbs up

  5. I T Mann says:

    Sherry thanks for the info, it's very deep. In regards to the companies using E-oscar in batches, does it ever happen in the reverse of how you explained it? Like for instance, LexNex removed 3 bks, they sent the info to all 3 bureaus, all removed the bks except TransUnion. And no matter what I send TransU.. proof of the deletes, they don't give a f***and wont remove it. Once again, thanks for all you do!!!!

  6. ernesto valladares says:


  7. Lawrence Briscoe says:

    Tks u Ms Sherry information is Power question: i have two charge off on my credit report,Capital one i settle for less it shows on my credit report zero bal (paid for less) how can i get this charger off my credit report but i wrote on cashier check in the memo section paid in full(delete) i try dispute to all 3 Credit Bureau send them a copy of cashier check with dispute letter?credit bureau send a letter back verified ?so it still on my credit report showing charge off status?can you help me tks u Briscoe

  8. keto satterwhite says:

    Please report any spam in these comments

  9. Dumptruck Woo says:

    Dat santander charge off ain't going no where and I'm included in the class action.

  10. Johnny François says:

    Hi. How do I get in to your Facebook group? Thanks

  11. Jami Williams says:

    Thank you soooo much I'm beyond grateful I will be 30 This year and I'm trying to rent to own/ buy a home this year or for sure next year

  12. Benny Malik Sattiewhite says:

    i have a charge off i definitely need help its different from most can u assist me with this please

  13. Belly Burn says:

    I need you to check out my credit report

  14. james holloway says:

    I need to talk with you to get the uncut version of things concerning collections that MRS is sweating me about, so the Matrix don't bother you helping people.

  15. Alexandria Marsh says:

    I just came across your page today, and I've already watched abt 4 videos! I love what you're doing.

  16. King Tyson says:

    You're right Queen..I disputed a dormant collection account and they added it twice on my Equifax. I should have left it alone.

  17. Selena Deavaureux-Stubbs says:

    Ms. Sherry you are the Truth….Banking System, Credit System…Culture! We are dealing with the Matrix….!! Sis., I will patronize your business b/c the knowledge & Wisdon is fool-Proof! Thank you for this priceless information!!

  18. mohamed zakaria says:

    thanks a lot for all you great and useful content a lot of games we getting. What’s a good email to contact you

  19. Karimah Prescott says:

    Can you post your link for the silver? I know I saw it in one of your videos before. Thank you so much for all of the gems! I appreciate all of your videos !!

  20. Duane Johnson says:

    They killing me every damn time… I dont know what the F is going on. They updated me with another damn inaccuracy on my charge off!

  21. Duane Johnson says:

    I'm here I missed the Matrix post

  22. Ms 2018 says:

    And mostly is this legal for them to do?

  23. Ms 2018 says:

    I have a car charge off. I noticed that the company put that i paid $1 on the account but I didn’t. Is that to keep it reporting and make it stay on my credit longer?

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