How to remove alleged debt's from your credit reports !

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Be sure to download The Fair Debt Collection’s Act, Buy a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary preferably (8th edition) and Study all of Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code

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how to dispute claim on credit report

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36 Responses

  1. Matthew Cooper says:

    learn the beneficiary signature….and use it. we own it..represent it then.

  2. LeRob2 says:

    Is the pdf still available?

  3. Girl Joey says:

    Can I also present this for federal student loans?

  4. myfitfysique says:

    Hey dre. Can you please email me. I'm trying to get a hold of this info. I will donate for your time. Thanks.

  5. Jaime Alvarez says:

    Back to 809 sec(4): What about judgements?
    Can I come back against the the banks?

  6. o yaboo buc bey says:

    Peace and love brother I was looking for a copy of that PDF you said you posted if you wouldn't mind may I get that please love peace and respect you and your family always Islam

  7. Jackpot Slot Fantasy says:

    Where is the link my brother you said you were posting in the description? Don't see it.

  8. cee holmes says:

    Good Info. but you forgot to put the letter in the Description

  9. Graffiti Masters says:

    was the pdf of this document still available?.

  10. Geesta Bey says:

    Peace to a Brother, great info. I see you have an improved version of this document you eloquently put together, can you share? Continue to prosper… info?

  11. Hydro Philly says:

    Good job here. There's no link to the letter though. Where can I find that?

  12. TuCups says:

    Where can we get the link to the pdf?

  13. Slick Lilly says:

    Thank you so much! I have been trying to remove $300 charge from an old apartment and i just received the results which was not favorable. Im within my 30 days too! Blessings.

  14. Chosen One says:

    Thank you for the document. However, do we use the CAP NAME on this document or upper/lower or both? "Just asking in case others do not get it. Thanks!

  15. Country Boy Tactical says:

    Bro, killing it with your vids. I am in the middle of this and Dre Chilly is one of the best sources for exposing these fraudsters. When they fail to comply or produce evidence and provide bullshit instead, what method of administrative process do you prefer to use? I can't find your other video on it. I started a blog on minds, hoping to share your info there. One of the best places to share information.

  16. Hector Barrero says:

    @Dre Chilly what is the proper way to do this, should I get my credit report first then address each creditor with the copy of the report and your letter? Thank You.

  17. mia johnson says:

    Can you explain more about using this method to remove student loans?

  18. Sammy Drake says:

    Does this work for charge off credit cards accounts?

  19. J. Z says:

    Is it possible to get student loan debt wiped out, and if so how can I go out this? Thank you for any and all help. 🙂

  20. Joyce Ann Jackson/ Joy Guglielmino says:

    I did, the credit bureaus ignore it.

  21. Sam Worley says:

    Question for you? I have a account with digital credit union and have my car loan, personal loan and a cc with them. Will it work on all 3?

  22. Amy Hanson says:

    You are one smart man

  23. GT 4real says:

    So you found a loop hole to steal money ? Nice

  24. Gee Nazallah says:

    Great video, and thank you for posting the link to your document, Bro! Very helpful. Thank you.

  25. Joseph Shrum says:

    What constitutes verification? A paper with what they claim typed up on it.

  26. Dj Johnson says:

    send me more info please

  27. Dashaun Ellis says:

    Thanks for this video Dre Chilly!. I found it to be very informative. I just wanted to know if you were in Arizona and if I could reach out to you on a personal level. If you are, could you email me @ so we can talk. Would very much appreciate it!

  28. Texas Built Contractors says:

    Thanks Dre Chilly I am educating myself thanks to you, I will post when I take action and what results I get.

  29. Picture and Film says:

    Hey Dre Chilly, I'm sending the letters today. Send me an e-mail at for a personal question. TY for all that you are doing.

  30. Savaughn Johnson says:

    If i used the dispute 609 letters for 2 rounds and they still say verified with no proof sent to me, do i then use this letter or do i need 4 rounds of the dispute letters then follow with the validation letter last?


    Hey bro am i required to get this document notarized

  32. Da Newz says:

    Who do you address the collection agency or the company who issued the debt?

  33. Renaldo Pelerin says:

    if you can point me in the right direction it be greatly appreciated, what were some of the books, sites that you started when you began on this journey

  34. Neo Redd says:

    Dre, I truly appreciate the information you've shared. I had no clue. Thank you so much!!!

  35. John Gee says:

    I have a question for your Dre. Who would be the authorized representative when filling out the affidavit? I'm new to all of this and I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you and have a blessed day

  36. Darnelle Milan says:

    When are you going to a video on administrative process? Also do I send this letter to credit Bureau or the company itself( i.e chase, capital one)

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