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11 Responses

  1. Robert m says:

    I be Contacting you Great Information

  2. LivingForMeNow says:

    Sherry is awesome! I purchased one of her packages. Not paying attention I purchased the incorrect package. I reached out to her and she corrected MY mistake and she pay it forward. Thank you for the blessing! That's what success looks like!!!

  3. Irena ezeala says:

    I'm trying to buy a house… and a car I sold four years ago, to A person took over the payments, I changed my Information at the DMV. to let them know I sold this car, The person passed away and now the collection agent has put It on my credit report after four years can you help me but my credit score are okay I just need this off HELP

  4. Dante Miller says:

    How do I contact you ?

  5. Alicia Donnes says:

    A noteworthy obligation looked terrible on my records which appeared hard to eliminate until I found the genuine hacking firm that Removed every awful record and hard requests. MASTERHACKS911 YAHOOCOM

    With the assistance of MASTERHACKS911 YAHOOCOM my credit was reestablished to over 700 under 24 hours. They have been my helper for a considerable length of time

  6. David Holmes says:

    closed accounts.. do they (add) or (subtract) the FICO scores ???

  7. Alicia Taylor says:

    The repo on my credit report is showing as a charge-off with the original creditor's name that financed my auto loan not a collection agency, do I proceed with a dispute in this case?

  8. Alicia Taylor says:

    What is the process for removing old addresses?

  9. Cybex One says:

    She is the real deal

  10. SSD says:

    Can you cover any of these topics:

    1.)Capital One collections calling about an account that was included in BK7. Do you tell them you filed bankruptcy or do you tell them to send anything they think you owe in writing(never admitting to it) and to only communicate through mail?

    2. Trying to get an apartment with multiple evictions on Experian/rentalbureau (ie an invisible bureau) but the evictions do NOT appear on the major 3.

    3.)Should you dispute Capital One Auto Finance that is charged off for 20,000? I heard Cap1 is VERY litigious and will sue for $500!

    4.)Have you noticed the bureaus sending back lots of factual disputes; saying it's been updated without changing anything? It's like they're acting up moreso now. Like blatantly not even trying.

    5.)Thoughts on the Upturn credit dispute app?

    6.)Thoughts on the $12 Kickoff credit starter?

    7.)Lots of reports are now saying collection/charge off. Are we moreso to look for charge off reasons for these types? I ask because many times it's still with original company so some collection reasons can't apply.

    8.) Is the multiple reporting of "CO"on a report really a violation and good dispute reason to delete?

    If you can do a topic on any of these, it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. SSD says:

    I tried to call in to remove the many different addresses on Experian. 3 reps said that they are unable to remove old addresses if you actually lived there. The one lady specifically said that the system is rejecting the dispute because the address is tied to an account being reported by a creditor and that I would need to call the creditor to get them to stop reporting it. I asked if the bureaus didn't trump the creditors as they are the ones reporting the info. She said it's the opposite—that they only have the power to report what they are told.

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