How to Remove a New Late Payment on Credit Report | 🔴 LIVE Credit Repair Tips

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This video goes over steps you can take to remove a new late payment on a credit report. Learn how to never get another late payment here 👉🏾

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One 30 day late payment can cause your credit score to dramatically go down. In the case of a new late payment on a credit report, disputing the late usually does not work because the creditor has all the records handy. They can quickly reject the dispute because they have the recent records to show that the late payment in fact did take place.
The most effective way to remove a new late payment from a credit report is to contact the creditor. There is not need to use a credit repair agency. This is something you can fix on your own.
Option for contacting a creditor to remove a new late payment include

1️⃣Calling Customer Service
Explain what happened to cause the new late payment and ask them to remove the late payment as a one-time courtesy. This works best if you have a history of on-time payments. Or at least haven’t had a recent late payment.

2️⃣Email Customer Service
Use the contact form within the lender payment portal and explain what happened to cause the new late payment. Ask the lender to remove the late payment as a one-time courtesy

3️⃣Email Company Executives
Find the email contact information for the top executives and CEO if possible. Email them requesting that they remove the new late payment as a courtesy. This should be the last resort if calling or emailing customer service does not work. And after you have contacted customer service multiple times.

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how do i get something off my credit report that is not mine

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