How to Remove a Hard Inquiry From Experian 2022

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I have come across people claiming that the hard inquiry removal process (Experian) takes time due to some unnecessary steps. And I was surprised to have a totally different experience from them. In this video, I will share the step-by-step process of how I have successfully removed hard inquiries in my Experian credit report.

Experian Fraud Alert Removal Process Will Drive You Crazy!

Experian 24 Hour Hard Inquiry Removal Hack

Experian 24 Hours Hard Inquiry Removal Hack 2021 | Credit Viral

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dispute a hard inquiry on my credit report

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10 Responses

  1. Bradford Vidinha says:

    I got 9 inquiries removed within a month from my Experian report and I got 2 removed from Transunion. With Transunion I think it depends who you get on the phone.

  2. Albert Ramos, Jr. says:

    I tried two letters to Experian and even called them once to remove a hard inquiry and the person I spoke with told me I needed to contact the bank that they said ran the credit check. So for me no luck in removing an inquiry. Will try a phone call again to speak to the fraud department

  3. Jeff Powell says:

    Did you see a score change after the removals?

  4. Sixty_one _60 says:

    I have a mid 800 credit score but literally been denied an increase at chase because of "too many inquiries" … so obviously inquiries even with an 800+ score are factor…
    Solid information, because I need to do this!

  5. Earl Bridges says:

    When I tried they told me that I needed to send a police report and then they would remove it.

  6. Kool Breeze says:

    Yep Experian is very easy. Transunion and Equifax not so much.

  7. TheTrojanPrince says:


  8. daniel villalobos says:

    I was thinking about signing g up with experience. What would be the benefits?

  9. Fatimah Mcb says:

    Great information, can you review one with Transunion, that would be helpful, keep dropping the knowledge

  10. Banned 85 says:

    Great information

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