How to Remove a Charge off From a Credit Report | Strategy Worksheets

Today we’re talking about how to remove a charge-off from a credit report again, and you can access the worksheets I show in this video totally free at to map out your accounts and strategy of attack. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 call for a credit sweep head to and I’ll see if I can help.

Here’s the reason we do this:
The longer you dispute, the harder it is to remove the account, so when writing your dispute letter, it’s imperative that it be PERFECT and planned out. You also want to keep track of everything – the rounds, violations, responses, etc. so that you can use them in complaints and fighting those violations.


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Please watch: “How to Remove Closed Accounts From a Credit Report”



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4 Responses

  1. Iamdoughboymusic says:

    Hello. May I ask how do you find out when the notice of dispute was entered other than just seeing it on the credit report? (LIKE AN ACTUAL DATE)

  2. Will K. says:

    I live in Georgia, and I understand that you do not provide service to those who lives there.

    So, I’m curious to know do you offer a paid service where I could get questions answered if I were to get stuck in the process of doing this on my own?

    I could really use your help.

  3. Gregory Means says:

    Appreciate your knowledge!!!! I have this one navy federal 554$ charge off I’ve disputed 20times in following your sauce!

  4. Mr A says:

    Thank you for all your helpful videos. I was confused about the student loan example. May you please elaborate for me to understand what you meant? Thank you so much

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