How To Remove A Bankruptcy

Hello!! Bankruptcies can be tough but babayyyyyy…. they CAN be removed. I had success and I want to share how to remove a bankruptcy or a public record.

The key is don’t give up to soon. It’ll come off!! Let me explain how I did it along with a few other techniques, for FREE! I will also give you a FREE BANKRUPTCY KIT!!

Get The Free Bankruptcy Kit Below!

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❌Remove Evictions
❌Remove Charge Off’s
❌Remove Repo’s
❌Remove Bankruptcies
❌Remove Collection Accounts
❌Remove Student Loans
❌Remove Medical Debt
❌Remove Inquiries & Personal Information
❌Dispute Chex Systems & List Of Other 3rd Party Banking Bureaus

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4 Responses

  1. Camilee Pusey says:

    How do I get the free factual dispute kit?

  2. Deborah Saddler says:

    I helping a family member fix their credit. He is almost ending a Chapter 13. How long should he wait before we start to try to remove the bankruptcy. Also, in removing the bankruptcy off the report, will it also remove all the various accounts included in the bankruptcy. Should we also freeze Pacer?

  3. Dan Olson says:

    I used Credit Patch-Up LLC credit repair program after I was introduced to them by my colleague and they never disappointed. Happy 800 golden score to me and all my debts and negatives have been taken off as well all within a very short while. They are just the best, just let them know I referred you and they would respond as soon as possible. Email them directly at (

  4. Land Enterprises, LLC says:

    Heeheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! You look great!

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