How to remove a BANKRUPTCY from your credit report 2021 | Step by Step | Ch. 7 & 13

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In this video Tomy talks about a simple process he’s used to get rid of bankruptcies on his clients credit reports. He will walk you through step by step on who you need to reach out to and how to navigate the credit bureaus.
👋 About this channel : My name is Tomy Boboy and I’m the founder of the Credit Cure System. The past few years I’ve been working to help people improve their personal finances. I believe that everyone can achieve financial freedom and reach retirement it just takes planning and a little motivation. On this channel I teach you how credit is the first step to improving your finances, & with good credit you can take control of your finances to reach your goals. Feel free to reach out anytime! I’d love to help everyone reach your goals

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37 Responses

  1. artierossi music says:

    Transunion is now using this shady company LCI. Lundquist Consulting Inc. They are under a banner of Verisk Financial. LCI gives a false address on their contact info both on their letterhead and through Transunion. LCI P.O. Box 1582 Burlingame CA 94010 is wrong as per the USPS. The USPS will not deliver certified mail to this address because it is NOT in their system. They have several addresses that I looked up. I used 111Anza Blvd Ste 310 Burlingame CA 94010. LCI says they will not put security freeze on their dossiers. I don't even know if Lundquist/Verisk is an American company. If I remember correctly, they say they do not have to do anything because they are NOT a furnisher of information. I think the FTC should look into them. ok that's it. I'm giving you this info, because one hand washes the other. Thanks for your video.

  2. John Beaty says:

    I am going though the BK process right now, can you assist me in getting it removed? thanks

  3. trapstar007148 says:

    Will not work transunion uses LCI for bk verification

  4. mighty paws says:

    Hey Tomy, I had completed my Bk in 1999 still shows on Transunion, need to dispute. Is PACER & Lexis Nexus for Canada too or just for U.S?

  5. tpdtopcop2010 says:

    Have a quick question. TransUnion now verifies BK's with LCI. Any recommendations on how to deal with them?

  6. Nikki B says:

    LCI is reporting to Transunion on BK. They are saying they dont allow freezes and they dont have to complybecause the arent a reporting agency. But if they are reporting consumer information thats exactly what they are. I'm struggling with theis last one.

  7. Arianrhod cerys says:

    Hacktivist247 removed my bankruptcy

  8. kelvin laryea says:

    I have had my chapter 13 on record since 2011. It’s been more than 10years. How do I proceed to remove this off my record

  9. Ryan Shanahan says:

    Do you provide this service for people? If so I’d like to hire you.

  10. Stevens Barker says:

    Can I hire you to get a couple things removed from my credit report?

  11. Life With T says:

    Very helpful

  12. smittyboy007 says:

    After the BK7 has been removed from LN, can it be updated back into their system at any point?

  13. Shavon Rowan says:

    are you able to tell me where the account information is in PACER? I have searched and do not see where the accounts that were included are in PACER

  14. Petds says:

    I have a coconut that was included in a BK and the CC company sold the debt to a collection agency 2 years later they have put it on my credit file as a collection. Any advice how to remedy this. TY

  15. Vanessa Moody Raudales says:

    Thank you for this information. How do I get the bankruptcy dispute/removal letter? I didn’t see it in the description.

  16. Mel Viruet says:

    I filed for Bankruptcy 10 years ago but its still on my report. Do I still have to follow this process or is there another way?

  17. retycoon100 says:

    I froze my lexisnexis will this help to get if removed or do I have to unfreeze and see what there? there are 2 different file dates on the cb's so that is wrong already

  18. CKB GLOBAL says:

    By far the best information to help remove BK! Thanks!!

  19. dafinest davis says:

    Can please pay to remove my bankruptcy of my account

  20. Jj says:

    Mine has been 7 years & it’s still showing I thought it would be off by now…

  21. terrence vinson says:

    Thanks for the info. My bankruptcy was removed form LexisNexis, but Experian verified it as accurate. Any recommendations?

  22. Kwb50k Show says:

    Tomy I need help

  23. Kerena Only says:

    I have both of my reports. Pacer and Lexis Nexis. And Lexis Nexis stating it’s all verified. Section 6 Bankruptcy information is all correct. The only thing that is off is Section 5 Online Marketing Records, they have my name as a Kerena JR. How can I send Lexis Nexis a letter asking them to delete the bankruptcy section solely because the Online Marketing Record section has wrong info? Everything else in the report is correct. So what exactly do I write in the dispute letter? Because the section that is in accurate (online marketing records), has nothing to do with the bankruptcy section (which is accurate). Also, they have old emails and phone numbers on the Lexis Nexis. But when I filed Bankruptcy on Pacer they were correct. I have change all that info, so as of today it’s incorrect but my it’s on the Bankruptcy info. Can this be disputed as unverified?

  24. Latonya Kyle says:

    Can I just pay you

  25. Shavonda Perry says:

    In the event there are no error? What are the steps for removing dismissed BK's

  26. Yolanda M. Barefield says:

    Thank you

  27. live entertainment says:

    I have my reports from lexis nexus and im looking for the verification letter in your group but I can't find it is it any way you can email the verification letter to me?

  28. BTG Sales and Marketing says:

    Great information. One question; If items are showing on your credit report as included in bankruptcy, 0 balance, does it still bring your score down? Should I dispute those items as well as disputing the actual bankruptcy? Thanks

  29. Reynold Garrido says:

    Say for example the case number is

    But the credit bureaus have the case number at 1234567 or 1234567cz1

    Would that be enough proof to have them remove the bankruptcy?

  30. Jada K says:

    I understand

  31. Kleopatra's Entertainment Ms. Kleo says:

    Chapter 7 was discharge its been 3yrs set up an account with PACER.
    I need to know how do I get the information off this site to compare so it can be removed off my credit report thanks

  32. Jamie banks says:

    Hey….I'm just created an account on pacer. I Registered as a "individual"… it say I can't access information unless I'm a lawyer or in courts. What should I do to get my records? Also, what if I don't remember the case number?

  33. King Bam says:

    If you discharge a bankruptcy after Nov 2018 Transunion verify the bankruptcy with a third party company called LCI. Any discharge before Nov 2018 they use LexisNexis. Just found out this yesterday with Transunion manager. Equifax,Experian still use LexisNexis

  34. lucky9331 says:

    What if the credit bureaus go to pacer or e oscar?

  35. Toni Marie Person says:

    What if you find no errors ?

  36. Mrs Sunshine says:

    Hello, do you have a template to send Lexus nexus after errors are verified with the Pacer system? What wording should I include?? Do I verify the correct information to point out there errors? Please help… Thanks

  37. calvin Washington says:

    Nexus lexia I ain't got nothing on my credit report from them and I file bankruptcy

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