How To Purchase A Home With A Previous Repossession – Credit Monitoring Services,First Time Buying

How To Purchase A Home W/ A Previous Repossession – Credit Monitoring Services,First Time Buying.

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6 Responses

  1. Plate lunch express says:

    So, you can’t get an FHB loan with student loans?

  2. Plate lunch express says:

    Real world advice you won’t hear from Dave Ramsey

  3. Ashley Nicole says:

    Thank you for your positive vibes…life happens and I just hate feeling judged by lenders. Especially when I am on the right path trying to do right by my kids smh. Thank you!

  4. FMCN850 says:

    Thank you!

    Can I interview you for my page please?

  5. Equonne Howard says:

    my fico score is 760 vantage 750 I don't understand why they want give me a credit card

  6. uptown philly says:

    Very good information and by the way what is hud assistance program

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