How To Purchase A Home With A 580 Credit Score –

Learn How To Purchase A Home With A 580 Credit Score! Video by Certified FICO Professional Calvin O’Neal Russell Jr. If you have any questions, be sure to email me

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14 Responses

  1. Lil tandy Moultrie says:

    can you buy a house makig 1170hr. but someone else going too be on the loan. credit is good. money save up already

  2. Teddy Bear says:

    I wanna purchase a home, but I was told I had to wait 2 years after the bankruptcy. What should I do in the mean time?

  3. THEREALSHO-TIME23 says:

    You do not want to buy with a 580. Bad advice

  4. Eugene Smiley says:

    Thank you for your awesome videos!

  5. Alixanderia Shay says:

    Do you take on coaching clients. I’m working on repairing my credit.

  6. DTX214 says:

    Im working with a loan consultant he told me my middle score is a 640 but I have a repo that was 3 yrs ago and its disputed he told me to remove the dispute. Is that really the best way to go because I know it would drop my credit score to like a 590 if I remove the dispute, he told me I will need to work back up to 640?

  7. Dee Mitchell says:

    Thank you.. NO one has ever broken down the middle score. I believe some folks don't even know what it is… Thank you

  8. Colorm3Shay says:

    I love that your helping the culture!

  9. DRAGON LADY says:

    If i have credit karma and look it up and then get the one you say to get and check it again will it affect my score?

  10. Dak Dur says:

    Random but ideas about getting things removed off your driving record so not paying outrageous auto insurance

  11. Kenya Danielle says:

    I'm so pissed because my repossession was listed as a charge off and now they are sending me collection letters. Idk what to do now

  12. Curtis Davis says:

    Love the scenario-"Open Heart Surgery"..the truth.

  13. richard gaines says:

    As always excellent material. Thanks for your services Calvin. Very helpful.

  14. eljuancho2 says:

    I have 2 cousins that need debt deletion one of them owe 2k to tmobile and the other have some late payments.
    i have 2 weeks with my first credit card and i want to increase my credit score as soon as i get mine thanks.

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