How to overcome data compliance challenges in Financial Services

For financial services companies, big data is a double-edged sword. Faced with the challenges of securing larger and larger volumes of sensitive information, the industry is in a unique position. Although you must adhere to regulations to protect the business from data breaches, and preserve the reputation for trustworthiness, there are nonetheless substantial difficulties associated with data compliance.

We are hosting this webinar to discuss some of the biggest challenges that the financial services sector faces regarding data compliance. And we’ll provide you with strategies for how you can begin to address them.

Areas we will cover include:
• Pseudonymize data in development and testing environments
• Removing the major impediment of inflexible provisioning environments
• How to ensure you are prepared for inevitable new data regulations

About the presenter
Chris is the Data Privacy and Protection Solution Specialist at Redgate. He started his career in SQL Server development and ERP configuration and joined Redgate in 2016. Chris works with a variety of companies, helping many of our global customers solve a variety of challenges; from rolling changes forward efficiently, to providing the best possible data-compliant, pre-production environments.


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