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  1. Scorpion777 Silvermoon says:

    I need your help.

  2. John Major says:

    I have a 582 transunion score (due to a charge off of less than $1500) but have been with NF for about 5 months and also have both personal and business accounts with them with over $50k in NF savings. If I apply for a credit card will it help that I have a decent amount in savings?

  3. Ra Logistics Royal Ashley says:

    were in Houston what's your location

  4. All Things Luna Barber says:

    Hello sir, thank you for sharing so much great information.
    Question: my husband and I are starting a trucking business with him been the CDL driver. He currently works for Werner and I’m a hair stylist. We both have good credit and full time jobs. We just opened out business account with NF and are looking to get an SBA loan for some of the costs to start our business, like the insurance for example. But we also need to buy a truck, we have money for the down payment.

    So my questions is, should we apply for the SBA and also for a loan to finance the truck? Are these two different applications? I’m kind of confuse here. Please help!!

  5. Reita Lexing says:

    Hi, do you know if rhere willbe a hard inquiry if I ask for a credit limit increase with my regular NFCU credit rewards card.

  6. 91dope says:

    Thanks needed this !

  7. Freddy Figueroa says:

    what is the video to join the navy federal union

  8. Ree Walker says:

    It's a damn shame that black folks are walking around speaking this way. This guy has good information yet the way he speaks makes him sound like an idiot. Work on speaking well and articulating words and stop being an embarrassment.

  9. Epic Online Dollars says:

    Thank You, Houston for the amazing video content…

  10. Jute & Olive says:

    Thank you for this info. What is the minimum you need to be depositing into your business checking weekly?

  11. Nia Lia says:

    I know you can’t transfer NF personal cc debt from one card to another personal card but Do you know if you can transfer NF personal credit card debt to business credit card?

  12. 100% Apartment Approval says:

    Dude you are the Man!!

  13. ToniBNYC says:

    When applying for a Business account, do I say yes to having other business accounts? Does it matter?

  14. Texas Holdem says:

    This man is so chill, so educated and so personable! I had write a comment about it.

  15. John Macros says:

    ive added au's to my report and some high limits and 14 -17 years of time and my credit score didnt move so i personally know au's dont really boost credit, it might for someone who has a thin file, it did lower my debt to income ratio

  16. Lawrence Cole says:

    Probably don't use credibility gained from service to borrow more money
    And if your a backdoor member you should probably quit
    There probably shouldn't be anti constitution military only class making
    Ya this is wrong. You guys are wrong.

  17. J. Ivey says:

    Can you have or apply for multiple business accounts with Navy Fed. Will Navy Fed split the Credit Limit between the businesses?

  18. J. Ivey says:

    Is Turo or the Car Rental Platform High Risk?

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