How to Maximize a Credit Dispute Letter to the Credit Bureaus (REPLAY)

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In case you missed it, here’s last night’s replay! Today we’re talking about how to maximize a credit dispute letter to the credit bureaus using the Bulletproof Training and factual dispute method. We go over a poorly written dispute letter and correct it to achieve a higher % of deletions/corrections and we also go over the AJERO Formula that allowed me to get over 20k deletions in 2020. Check out the PDF here (you can write on it just like I did!):


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Video notes:
What’s up tonight we have a another bulletproof dispute letter training in, we’re gonna find out what’s wrong with this letter because you need to be able to look at your letter and figure out how you can increase your ability and probability of getting results. So let’s get right to this. And what I want for you to do is use the comment section to tell me how you would change this specifically. Alright, so the top of it is pretty straightforward name, address, date of birth, social, right, then we have our date and the Bureau. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at this. And together, you and I are going to fix this letter so that we can increase our probability of results because remember, the longer you dispute, the harder it is to get results. So every single letter that we send out needs to be targeted, every single word on our letter needs to have a purpose, right. So let’s read this first paragraph together, I need you to remove these accounts that I found that are wrong. Section 61 states that you must perform an investigation and if it comes back as unverified keyword, unverified, it needs to be promptly removed. I also need to see your contracts that you’re required for each account. And I am disputing all of my accounts because they are wrong, you have 30 days to respond or my intention is take you to court. And I will now let’s pause right there real quick look at this part right here. Let’s start with the bottom part of this first. And let’s go grab a pen, and we’re going to make a purple. And just so you know, you can pause this right here, go down into the description and pull this up if you want to, because you can do the same thing that I’m doing right now by marking this letter up. Okay. So, back to this. Let’s look at this last part. First, okay, you have 30 days to respond or my intention is to take you to court and I will let me just tell you right there, it is illegal to state that your intention is to sue someone unless your intention is truly to take them to court. That is definitely number one. Number two is they have 30 days to respond. But But and this is a huge selling point for so many companies. So I want you to listen to my words carefully. Not only is it going to state in their system that they did respond, but most of the time, they’re not going to okay, because their their entire prerogative is to get you to stop disputing, okay. So while they may have 30 days to send you a response, that response might just be to state that they received your dispute, or that they require more time, or they’re just not going to do anything at all, they do not have to remove your negative items in 30 days. Okay, that is only to send you a response, and nine times that attend again, it’s going to stay that they didn’t. So let’s move on. Okay, so I need to remove these accounts that I found that are wrong. Okay. So look at this. Why is it incorrect? What is it inaccurate? Is it because you loved your report on identity IQ or credit check total or Privacy Guard or my score IQ or whatever, and saw that you had multiple addresses that were incorrect or whatever you need to tell them what it is that you found wrong, and why you are writing this letter. Now, here’s the next thing, section 1681 states that you must perform an investigation if it comes back as unverified and needs to be promptly removed. Okay, so putting any sort of laws in here is not going to do anything, unless you actually are an attorney. And this is really not going to do anything. So you are not an attorney. Okay. And forgive my writing. I am reading on my Wiggum tablet and I’m on my screen. Okay. So you are not an Audi. Okay, so anywho that’s what it says you’re not an attorney. And you’re not going to teach the Bureau’s anything that they didn’t already know, that’s not your job, your job is to write a letter that’s going to get results.

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2 Responses

  1. Ponleu Soreyaa says:

    So I have a delinquent account on my Equifax report that has an “OPEN” status, but there hasn’t been activity on that account for many years, it should have been charged off. I’m afraid to even touch it, as in inquiring or try to dispute it because I don’t want to re-age the account. What do you suggest I do? And if I do dispute, what would be the inaccurate information to dispute? Right now, there is no collection on it, nor does it show any sort of activity. The last reported date was several years ago. Also, it shows that the account was marked over 120 days late 16 times before they stopped reporting anything. Another thing is, it shows that I still owe 100% of the loan. I’m watching your videos and you do emphasize disputing inaccuracies.

  2. Billy D says:

    I need the letter to send for a bankruptcy where the court name is not spelled out — do you sell a package of letters or would the letter app handle this or is there a video title.

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