How to Make Money Online – The FastLane Approach

This video is an overview of one of the best books I’ve read that tackles creating a profitable business and getting out of the rat race—The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco.

Get the book here:

00:00 Intro
00:33 Avoid the slow lane
04:10 Work the process
05:04 Build money trees
10:27 Switch from being a consumer to a producer
12:01 Show commitment, don’t just show interest
14:46 1. The commandment of need
15:09 2. The commandment of entry
16:18 3. The commandment of control
17:06 4. The commandment of scale
18:01 5. The commandment of time

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  1. sanket Kumar sahu says:

    This is a general comment in context to all your productivity videos and others.
    Dear sir,
    I really want to thank you for the amazing content you make. You are one of the guys on Internet whom we can follow and learn.
    Your recommendation on note taking, productivity,work and others are absolutely helpful.
    Thankyou and ❤️ you 3000 and more

  2. Harry Padula says:

    Updated apple pencil spinning tutorial please!

  3. Xinnan Luo says:

    I almost watched every video you published, very inspiring, thank you so much for your sharing.

  4. Nabeel Imdad says:

    dude where are you? We need some motivation 🙂

  5. Aurore says:

    Thank you for this video !

  6. Tech Therapeutic says:

    Brother your really awesome please reply to this comment. I can develop a fully professional website for you. Please give me a chance I would like to work with you. Please….

  7. Tech Therapeutic says:

    Brother your really awesome please reply to this comment. I can develop a fully professional website for you. Please give me a chance I would like to work with you. Please….

  8. Julian Syga says:

    "The hard work does not have to mean suffering." Really enjoy your videos and your perspective!

  9. Python Developer says:

    Hey ali, or anyone reading do you know how ali's newsletter makes money, i don't see ads or sponsorships

  10. Sultan Hussain says:

    One of the best channels on YouTube. Love from Pakistan.

  11. Finance VA says:

    hi everyone

  12. Jigyaasi Indian says:

    Everytime I think I know something about a topic, and you do a video on the same topic, I get ready to unlearn the stuff that I already knew and my brain is kinda like "Oh, shit, here we go again!"

  13. Carlos says:

    Another great video Ali! Those lessons are a game changer. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Summaiya Ansari says:

    Hello Ali! Could you recommend me best English syntax, principle and rule book?

  15. Melbourne Bro says:

    ''Live in a stupid country like America''. Love it haha

  16. forte says:

    5 commandments……

  17. Mustafa says:

    Thx mate , it really helped me a lot .

  18. forte says:

    Wow… why bash America. I'm not from there but why

  19. Alan Laletin says:

    Loved your performance in Squid Game Ali.

  20. OhSnapItsMaddyB says:

    Can you do another personal what I spend in a week???

  21. Muhammad Arnaldo says:

    please review remnote

  22. Peaceful Relaxing Sounds says:


  23. Arjun Malhar says:

    "Stupid country like America"
    -Ali Abdaal 2021

  24. Mr Papermint1 says:

    You don't need to read book is waste of your time your just making rich who's selling it,its just basic.

  25. Mohammad Edrees Alizai says:


  26. Chris R says:

    Stopped watching when this elitist tool called America "stupid".

  27. Gábor Thomas says:

    Very motivating your videos !
    I saw on a few of your videos as you playing games. Usually how much time do you have play ? Or how you "calculate" time for yourself to do things like playing. Do you have a video about that ?
    Thanks if you have time to answer.
    Keep it up the good content !

  28. Lifestyle with Jamila says:

    Aup mujhi kohi tipe bataen mine Aapane video ko acha bana sakon

  29. peifeng phua says:

    Wat a great sharing thanks !

  30. Nick Benhoff says:

    I agree with your comment on “hustle culture.” There are a lot of people at the top of their careers that tell people just starting that investing time and hard work is bad for you, yet without that time and hard work they necessarily wouldn’t be where they are?

  31. Invest With Queenie says:

    Awesome book review! I’m going to add this one to my audible cart ☺️

  32. Johnson Thomas says:

    Learn how to use the Internet, there is plenty wealth on the Internet

  33. Master Procrastinator says:

    I stumbled upon toxic productivity and hustle culture twice now, with him. And anyone can explain why its a thing though? Its wrong to work hard? Since when does , to some, who has to work hard and sometimes, painfully hard, toxic?

    You reap what you sow kindda thing right? Or even self-reliant is self-offensive , and since thats a thing , so every frickin idea is offensive?

  34. ŠVENDA says:

    You know that one guy from series ,,Squid Game'' has same name as you – Ali Abdaal?

  35. Bruno Lino says:

    Ali, Where did you buy the notebook you used in the video to take notes?

  36. manuel senk says:

    I have read this book, such a powerful perspective on earning money

  37. Keval Kothari says:

    11:03 Classic British Ali

  38. T. N. says:

    The transition worked beautiful Ali.

  39. Keval Kothari says:

    Ali Abdaal: I do nothing to promote it
    Then proceeds to promote his Skillshare class

    Really Enjoy Your Content!

  40. Jack says:

    same regurgitated shit

  41. Ali Abdaal says: – List your product on AppSumo from September 15 – November 17th and grab your share of their $1M Black Friday marketing fund plus a chance to be 1 of 10 lucky winners randomly chosen to win an additional $10k.

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